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One of Canada’s most popular fast-food restaurants, Mary Brown’s Chicken, sometimes it is called Mary Brown’s, is renowned for its flavorful fried chicken or fried plant-based chicken meals. It has opened more than 200 restaurants in different areas of the country out of which, 20 are corporate stores and 180 of them are franchised. At present, the chain is only running business in Canada but it aims to open branches in different countries soon. 

Mary Brown’s Menu Prices Canada varies with Location. Mary Brown’s Menu Include, SNACKS, COMBOS, Signature Chicken, Sidekicks and desserts varies between CAN$ 0.99 TO 99.

Mary Brown’s Menu with Prices in Canada

Mary Brown restaurant has made a significant name in the fast food industry through its taste and food quality. The prices that are given in the blog are purely taken from the official website of Mary Brown in Canada. The prices are almost identical in all branches of this restaurant in Canada but below mentioned are taken from the Ontario province branches of this restaurant. Furthermore, the Mary Browns menu Canada features different variety which is also available in nearly all restaurants of this fast food restaurant.

mary brown's menu prices canada

Signature Chicken

This chain serves a range of meals accompanying its signature chicken as the main product of the meal. Each shop in this franchise serves its mouthwatering Signature Chicken, which is hand-breaded and produced using fresh, local chicken from Canada. This range of meals is given in the following table.

Signature Chicken
Menu ItemPrice
Signature Chicken 2 Piece Chicken MealCAN$ 13.79
Signature Chicken 3 Piece Chicken MealCAN$ 16.09
Signature Chicken 4 Piece Chicken MealCAN$ 18.49
Signature Chicken 9-Piece FeastCAN$ 39.99
Signature Chicken 13-Piece FeastCAN$ 53.99
Signature Chicken 18 Piece FeastCAN$ 70.99
Signature Chicken 30 Piece Party PackCAN$ 99.99
Signature Chicken


This menu variety has a range of Chicken sandwiches, Chicken Pop-Ins, and Tenders Combos.

Menu ItemPrice
Grilled Chicken SandwichCAN$ 13.79
Nashville MaryCAN$ 13.79
Big Mary OriginalCAN$ 12.99
Spicy Big MaryCAN$ 12.99
Buffalo MaryCAN$ 13.79
Chicken Pop-Ins Original (Regular)CAN$ 13.49
Chicken Pop-Ins Original (Large)CAN$ 17.99
3 Piece Chicken Tenders OriginalCAN$ 13.29
5 Piece Chicken Tenders OriginalCAN$ 17.49
3 Piece Chicken Tenders BuffaloCAN$ 13.29
5 Piece Chicken Tenders BuffaloCAN$ 17.49
Kids DrumstickCAN$ 6.99
Kids 2 Chicken TendersCAN$ 6.99
Kids Chicken Pop-InsCAN$ 6.99


Here are the pricing details of a variety of the items on the snack menu of this restaurant.

Menu ItemPrice
Crispy Chicken Twist BuffaloCAN$ 3.99
Sidekick Sandwich Sweet HeatCAN$ 3.99
Sidekick Sandwich OriginalCAN$ 3.99


In this variety, they serve tender biscuits with flakes that will melt in your mouth.

Menu ItemSmallMediumLarge
Biscuits(small)CAN$ 0.99CAN$ 4.99CAN$ 8.99
Nashville TatersCAN$ 4.99
TatersCAN$ 3.49CAN$ 6.99CAN$ 9.99
FriesCAN$ 3.49CAN$ 6.99CAN$ 9.99
Tater PoutineCAN$ 7.99
ColeslawCAN$ 2.99CAN$ 4.99CAN$ 7.99
Macaroni & Cheese SaladCAN$ 2.99CAN$ 4.99CAN$ 7.99
GravyCAN$ 2.49CAN$ 3.69CAN$ 4.99


Here are the pricing details of a variety of the items on the Desserts menu of this restaurant.

Menu ItemPrice
Strawberry Cream Cheese PieCAN$ 1.99
Banana PuddingCAN$ 3.99
Cadbury Caramilk CupCAN$ 3.99

Most Popular Items

Here are the pricing details of a variety of the items that are very popular and signature items on the Mary Browns menu Canada .

Most Popular Items
Menu ItemPrice
Big Mary SandwichCAN$ 8.89
2 piece MealCAN$ 13.39
Crispy Chicken TwistCAN$ 4.59
Pickle TwistCAN$ 4.59
Small TatersCAN$ 3.39
Most Popular Items

Brief History of Mary Brown in Canada

The backstory of this brand starts in 1969, when the very first branch of this restaurant opened in Richmond, Virginia, in Newfoundland. Pat Tarrant and Cyril Fleming are the founders of this restaurant which is quite popular for its Golden Skillet fried chicken. The original location of this restaurant was at the Avalon Mall in St. John’s. Cyril and Pat were required by law to change the name of this restaurant and that’s how the name “Mary Brown’s Chicken” came into being. 

The name of the food chain is actually the name of its business proprietor’s wife, Mary Brown Guthrie. Mary Brown is the wife of the company’s proprietor, Clifton V. W. Guthrie. 

According to the information provided by the restaurant, the recipe behind the popular fried chicken from America’s Southern region was created by Mary Brown. The secret formula was given to the company in 1969. 

According to the business, Mary Brown constructed the company’s Greater Toronto Area offices in Oshawa, and Mississauga in less than four years. The company is expanding at a good pace in Canada. Now it is one of the mainstream fast-food chains with more than 200 franchises in Canada. 

Read Mary Brown’s Canada history

Revenue of Mary Browns Canada restaurants

From an economic and monetary point of view, Mary Brown’s revenue was $155M in 2021. It was the company’s peak revenue since its inauguration. Canada is an expanding country concerning land and area. The company is also growing and has just launched a store in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, as well as other franchisees in British Columbia. 

Mary Brown locations in Canada

Gregory Roberts, a businessman and chartered accountant with PI Enterprises Group, serves as the CEO and owner of Mary Brown’s. Since Roberts bought the company in 2007, the chain’s size has increased from roughly 67 locations to its current total of about 230 outlets.

How to locate Mary Browns near me Menu and location in Canada?

Presently, almost 200 Mary Brown’s branches are operating in Canada. Therefore, locating any particular branch near your location is quite simple. Various locating tools can help in this regard, but the official website of  Mary Brown’s can precisely tell you about the nearest branch with its location and address. Other than that you can also use any online food ordering site to order online. Some of these sites are Uber Eats, DoorDash, and many more.

Furthermore, you can take help from Google Maps and enable your current location. By searching Mary Brown’s near me in the search bar, Google Maps will provide you with the location of all nearby Mary brown’s branches. In addition, you can check the working hours and rating of the nearby branch.

Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters Exciting deals and offers

Like other fast-food brands, Mary Brown’s also offers great discounts on using its mobile app for ordering. You can get new exciting offers every day on the mobile app. It has also released its official merchandise for its valued customers to capitalize on the love of Mary Brown. It also introduced a Big Mary Monday deal. In this deal, it offers its popular chicken sandwich at a discounted rate.

To get these discounts and offers, you can use different Mary Browns coupons that are available on different partnering websites and businesses. Applying these coupon codes, one can get different discounts and offers on the Mary Browns menu Canada. However, keep in mind that these offers and Mary Browns coupons are for a limited time and can expire after that time limit.

To get the latest deals and offers, you may visit the official website or mobile application of Mary Brwon restaurant.

Does Mary Brwon offer a Breakfast menu?

No, Mary Brown restaurant does not offer a breakfast menu in any of its branches in Canada. Usually, the fast food chain opens at 11:00 a.m. and closes at midnight. During these hours, there is no breakfast time and service in the restaurant. One can savour food during the lunch, supper, and Dinner hours on Mary Brwon, and the food also complements these hours.

How to order Food from Mary Brown restaurant?

Mary Brown’s official website allows you to order food from this restaurant. 

  • First of all, open the website or mobile app of Mary Brwon.
  • Look for the option of “Order Now” and click on it.
  • The app or website will ask you the location where food needs to be delivered.
  • Now, enter your address, and then you can check whether this fast food restaurant delivers food to your given address.
  • After that, choose the items from the menu to order and add them to the cart.
  • Finally, conclude your order enter your payment method, and Click on “Order Now.”

Besides the official website and mobile app, various delivery partners can help in delivering food to your preferred location. Different food delivery services like Grub Hub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash have partnered with Mary Brown restaurants. Ordering food from these platforms is also quite similar and convenient.

Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters Schedule

Canada is an expanding country concerning land and area. So, these timings might be a bit different in some regions but commonly they are the same. Slight fluctuations may occur. To know the exact timings and working hours of Mary Brown restaurants in Canada, you may visit the official site of this restaurant.

Day of WeakTiming
Monday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Thursday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Friday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Saturday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Sunday11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters Schedule

Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters Menu Varieties

Other than its world-famous Chicken and Taters, it also serves a range of chicken sandwiches, snacks, some side items, and, desserts. As compared to other fast food chains, Mary Brown has a very limited menu variety, and all the items on different menu categories are available in almost all branches of this restaurant in Canada.

Mary Brown’s Chicken and Taters Menu

This brand has always been well-known for its fried chicken and taters. In Canada, Grade A chicken that is supplied whole and fresh is used. After that, it is marinated, hand-cut, hand-breaded, and freshly fried. The chicken in all their stores is prepared in small batches. They use their proprietary cookers. Their cookers employ heat to lock in juiciness and flavor and give the chicken its suppleness and delectable natural golden color rather than pressure frying, which is often done in the industry.

Achievements of Mary Brown restaurant in Canada

The Canadian Franchisees’ Choice Award was given to this chain nine times in a row, and it has been a partner of the Canadian Franchise Association for more than 35 years. Mary Brown’s was recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies in 2019, 2020, and 2021 by Deloitte Canada. Unquestionably, it can be considered as one of the most prosperous fast-food businesses operating in Canada.

Alternatives to Mary Brown’s in Canada

Similar to Mary Brown’s, KFC offers some fantastic fried chicken selections. Rotisserie chicken is also available at Swiss Chalet, while Subway serves up wonderful subs. Brownies, apple pies, and other desserts are available at White Spot. Whoops are served at Burger King.


Is Mary Brown’s a Canadian thing?

Yes, this restaurant is purely a Canadian-based fast-food chain that opened its first branch back in 1969. Moreover, all the raw products for this fast food chain come from different suppliers in Canada. The restaurant feels proud of its Canadian status.

Does Mary Brown have a birthday deal?

If you sign up on Mary Brown’s website and it is your birthday, the Restaurant will surely offer you exciting deals and offers at a discounted price.

Is Mary Brown’s chicken any good?

Mary Brown’s deliciously cooked and tender chicken is very good. The white meat of a chicken has a unique taste with exciting flavours. However, it is their amazing taters that really set them apart. The delicious taste of their taters when paired with the gravy is hard to beat.

Q. What is the working of Mary Brown’s Canada?

Mary Brown’s restaurants operate in various cities and provinces of Canada. Therefore, the timeline and schedule of this fast-food chain depend on the particular franchise. However, they generally operate from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. in various branches in Canada.

Q. What is the least expensive item on Mary Brown’s menu in all its branches in Canada?

The cheapest item that one can find on any of Mary Brown’s branch menus is Biscuits (Small) Cream for CAN$ 0.99.

Q. What is the costliest item on Mary Brown’s’ menu across all its branches in Canada?

Similarly, the item that costs the most money on Mary Brown’s menu in all its branches across Canada is the 30 Piece Party Pack Chicken. The price of this meal section is CAN$ 99.99.

Q. How much is a big Mary combo in Canada?

A Big Mary Sandwich at Mary Brown’s costs CAN$ 12.99 in Canada.

Q. How much are Mary Brown’s taters?

Small Taters at Mary Brown’s cost CAN$ 3.49, Medium Taters cost CAN$ 6.99 and Large Taters cost CAN$ 9.99 in Canada.

Q. Does Mary Brown’s deliver with UberEats in Canada?

Yes, Uber Eats customers spend anywhere from CAN$ 3.99 to CAN$ 5.99 on delivery fees for Mary Brown’s services in Canada.

Q. How does Mary Brown cook their chicken?

Mary Brown’s offers genuine comfort cuisine, freshly cooked every day, that incorporates heat for optimal flavor and juiciness, and an eye-catching natural golden tone for its chicken options.

Q. Who invented Mary Brown’s?

It was founded by Pat Tarrant and Cyril Fleming in 1969.

Q. What is the slogan of Mary Brown?

Marry Brown’s, which celebrated its 33rd anniversary last year, has developed a franchise network that can oversee a menu that combines many cuisines that are uncommon in the sector. So why is the company’s slogan “Something Different”? “Crave Deliciously” is their catchphrase.

Q. What is a proprietary cooker?

Proprietary cookers are cookers that are used to achieve a golden consistency and superior flavor. 

Q. Is Mary Brown’s expensive?

The only real difference between Mary Brown’s and other chicken restaurants is that it’s less greasy. The food is so-so but it can be expensive. It’s certainly not a place for the hungry or budget-friendly people.

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