White Spot Menu prices Canada – Get the Latest Menu Prices in 2023

Among the oldest food restaurant businesses, White Spot is a top Canadian restaurant franchise founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1928. Currently, There are 57 branches of  White Spot operating in Canada alone. This restaurant is best known for its hamburgers, Pirate Pak children’s meals, “Triple O” sauce, and milkshakes. 

Acknowledged for their environmental consciousness, White Spot prioritizes biodegradable and recyclable packaging, in addition to reducing unnecessary waste. Through its commitment to eco-efforts, White Spot has maintained its position as a great eating spot and an excellent symbol of Canada’s historic culinary landscape.

White Spot Menu Prices Canada

Are you looking for a quick bite or a meal for the whole family? White Spot Canada’s menu has options to suit various tastes and eating habits. Explore the most recent White Spot Menu Canada items and prices to satisfy your desires while staying within your budget. 

All the prices mentioned in the following tables are primarily taken from DOORDASH and are 90% accurate. However, the pricing changes with the location. Therefore, this piece of writing will provide you with an estimation regarding the prices of various types of items on the White Spot restaurant menu.

White Spot Menu prices Canada

White Spot: Most Popular

Well-known food items on the White Spot menu are followed by their prices.

White Spot Most Popular
Menu ItemPrice
Nats Hearty breakfast with toastCAN$ 20.89
BC sunny start CAN$ 19.29
Nats Waffle CAN$ 16.49
Big Denver OmeletsCAN$ 20.89
Side twist CAN$ 4.39
Lassic benedict CAN$ 20.39
Hearty breakfast Nats With WaffleCAN$ 20.89
Avocado Queso Bowl CAN$ 21.99
Fresh Fruit CAN$ 4.39
Side of Smashbrownds CAN$ 4.39
White Spot Most Popular

White Spot Featured Menu

White Spot Featured Menu

The most featured items on the White Spot menu are followed by their prices.

Menu ItemPrice
Hearty breakfast Nats With WaffleCAN$ 20.89
BC sunny start CAN$ 19.29
Nats Waffle CAN$ 16.49
Big Denver OmeletsCAN$ 20.89
Side twist CAN$ 4.39
Benedict  Classic CAN$ 20.39
Hearty breakfast Nats With WaffleCAN$ 20.89
Avocado Queso Bowl CAN$ 21.99
Fruit (Fresh CAN$ 4.39
Sides From Smashbrownds CAN$ 4.39
Toast SideCAN$ 4.39
Avocado Turkey Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 20.39
White Spot Featured Menu

White Spot Brunch Menu

White Spot Brunch Menu

very famous and tasty Brunch Entrees food items on the White Spot Brunch Entrees menu are followed by their prices.

Menu ItemPrice
A Toast with Hearty Brunch Nat’sCAN$ 19.79
Benedict Classic CAN$ 19.29
Hash Cheesesteak CAN$ 20.89
The BC Sunny StartCAN$ 18.19
Turkey Breakfast Wrap (Avocado)CAN$ 19.29
A Waffle with Hearty Nat’s BrunchCAN$ 19.79
Waffle Nat’s CAN$ 15.39
White Spot Brunch Menu

 Brunch Sides on White Spot

Brunch Sides on White Spot

Among the brunch sides at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Menu ItemPrice
Nats Hearty breakfast CAN$ 21.79
BC sunny start CAN$ 19.99
Hash cheesesteak CAN$ 22.99
Turkey Avocado breakfast wrap CAN$ 20.99
Classic benedictCAN$ 20.99
Charred Tomato and spinach benedict CAN$ 19.49
Brunch Sides on White Spot

White Spot wine

White Spot wine

Among the Spot Beer at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Menu ItemPrice
Blanc Jackson Sauvignon Triggs Okanagan Estate reserve (750ml)CAN$ 8.0
Estate Okanagan (Pinot Grigio) 750mlCAN$ 34.00
Chardonnay Red Rooster 750mlCAN$ 35.00 
Gris Pinot Grey Monk Estate Winery 750mlCAN$ 38.00
Hatfields Fuse Blasded Church vineyards 750mlCAN$ 41.00
Red Flower 
Merlot Jackson Triggs Okanagan Estate reserve 750mlCAN$ 5.00
Pinot Grigio Enisskilin Okanagan Estate 750mlCAN$ 35.00
Cabernet Sauvignon Enniskillen Okanagan Estate 750mlCAN$ 35.00ml
Cabernet Merlot sandhill Terrior driven wine 750mlCAN$ 41.00
Rose Flawer 
The good rose saintly  750mlCAN$ 38.00
Bubbles Brut Steller Joy 750mlCAN$ 35.00
White Spot wine

White Spot Beer 

White Spot Beer

The following menu items with prices are available at the White Spot among the wines:

Menu ItemPrice
Granville Island Brewing Nat Bailey Pale Ale (spot size)CAN$ 8.00
Granville Island Brewing Nat Bailey Larger (spot size)CAN$ 8.00
White Spot Beer

White Spot Drink Menu (Non-Alcohol)

Among the Additional Alcohol at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with prices:

White Spot Drink Menu (Non-Alcohol)
Menu ItemPrice
Soft drink CAN$ 4.29
Pwn Coffee Nats CAN$ 4.29
Slated Caramel Cold Brew CAN$ 4.29
Leaf Tea Mighty CAN$ 4.29

White Spot Greens

The following menu items with prices are available at the White Spot among the Greens.

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Buttermilk Cobb SaladCAN$ 20.99
Power Farro SaladCAN$ 19.99
Salad Chicken CAN$ 18.99
White Spot Drink Menu (Non-Alcohol)

White Spot Burgers

White Spot Burgers

Among the Spot Burgers at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Menu ItemPrice
LegendaryCAN$ 16.99
Impossible Avocado BurgerCAN$ 20.99
Cheddar Bacon Bigger BurgerCAN$ 20.99
BC Chicken BurgerCAN$ 20.99
Haddock Crispy BurgerCAN$ 20.89
Double Double BurgerCAN$ 21.59
Pineapple Sambal Chicken BurgerCAN$ 20.99
Gochujang Chicken Fried Burger CAN$ 20.99
West Coast Salmon BurgerCAN$ 20.99
White Spot Burgers

White Spot’s Classics Menu

White Spot’s Classics Menu

Among the Spot Classic menu items at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with prices.

Menu ItemPrice
The Club White Spot CAN$ 19.99
Caesar Chicken WrapCAN$ 18.49
Toasted Shrimp SandwichCAN$ 18.49
Turkey Bacon and Brie DipCAN$ 21.99
Original Nat’s Beef DipCAN$ 20.49
White Spot’s Classics Menu

White Spot’s Hearty Dishes and Main Menu

White Spot's Hearty Dishes and Main Menu

The following menu items with prices are available on the White Spot’s hearty main Menu among the Sides.

Menu ItemPrice
Back Baby Ribs 9full Rich)CAN$ 31.99
Steak New York (9 oz.)CAN$ 32.99
New York Frites Steak (9 oz.)CAN$ 31.99
Chicken Broccoli and Cheese CAN$ 18.99
White Spot’s Hearty Dishes and Main Menu

White Spot Pastas and Bowls Menu

White Spot Pastas and Bowls Menu

Among the Spot Pastas and Bowls menu items at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with prices.

Menu ItemPrice
Mushroom and Chicken  Fettuccine AlfredoCAN$ 23.49
Fettuccine Seafood CAN$ 24.99
Bolognese Spaghetti CAN$ 21.99
Chicken Teriyaki Donburi BowlCAN$ 21.99
Tomato Charred and Prawn Garlic SpaghettiCAN$ 22.99
Chicken Yaki udon Bowl CAN$ 19.99
White Spot Pastas and Bowls Menu

White Spot Desserts

White Spot Desserts

Among the Spot Desserts menu items at the White Spot, you will find the following menu items with prices.

Menu ItemPrice
Pie Apple CAN$ 8.49 
Caramel Salted BrownieCAN$ 8.49
Berry Cheesecake White Spot’s CAN$ 8.49
Strawberry Rhubarb Ple CAN$ 8.49
Carrot cake CAN$ 8.49
White Spot Desserts

White Spot Appies and Sides

White Spot Appies and Sides

The following menu items with prices are available at the White Spot among the Appies and sides.

Menu ItemPrice
Fried Crispy Coconut PrawnsCAN$ 14.89
Wings Chicken CAN$ 16.49
Chicken Dippin CAN$ 14.29
Squid Humboldt CAN$ 15.99
Mushroom Flatbread Gruyère CAN$ 15.99
Nat’s Crispy Dry RibsCAN$ 15.09
Onion RingsCAN$ 9.89
Southwest Chicken QuesadillaCAN$ 17.09
The PoutineCAN$ 10.49
Potato Sweet FriesCAN$ 9.89
White Spot Appies and Sides

Happy Hour White Spot Menu

Happy Hour White Spot Menu

The following menu items with prices are available at the White Spot among the Happy Hour Menu.

Menu ItemPrice
Arugula & Goat Flatbread Cheese CAN $ 7.00
Rings Onion CAN $ 7.00
Sweet Potato FriesCAN $ 7.00
The Zoo Sticks Spot’s CAN $ 7.00
Happy Hour White Spot Menu

White Spot Restaurant Operational Hours

White Spot restaurant has almost 57 branches spread across the country. The timings and working schedule may differ because of the city’s location. However, a general work schedule of White Spot restaurant is given below

Week DayWorking Hours
Monday6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Tuesday6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Wednesday6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Thursday6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Friday6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Saturday6:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sunday6:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Brief History of White Spot in Canada:

White Spot is a prominent brand in Canada that has a rich history in the food industry. It has maintained a great track record of excellence and consistency. Originating in 1928 with Nathaniel Bailey’s commencement of Canada’s first drive-in restaurant, the 95-year-old franchise boasts 57 locations spanning Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Asia. Every year, over 17 million customers taste White Spot’s Quick-service restaurants for amazing dining experiences and eating delight.

They also own and operate five mobile food trucks, as well as the recently established R+D Kitchen by White Spot, their test kitchen restaurant concept at the Amazing Brentwood in Burnaby. 

Bailey’s initial idea was to create a restaurant that provided high-quality, unique-tasting cuisine, and White Spot is dedicated to carrying on that heritage with each and every meal. 

It’s been 95 years since that start, and in that time, Canada’s longest-running restaurant company has survived a depression, recessions, world events, and a pandemic while remaining a popular family favourite across British Columbia.

White Spot Locations & Branches:

In Canada, there are 57 White Spot restaurants. British Columbia has the most White Spot locations in Canada, with 57 restaurants, accounting for nearly 100% of all White Spot sites in the country. 

Cities with the most number of White Spot restaurants in Canada:

  • White Spot Burnaby with 6 locations. 
  • White Spot Kelowna with 2 locations.
  • Abbotsford with 2 locations.
  • Kamloops with 2 locations.
  • Tsawwassen with 2 locations.
  • Victoria with 3 locations.
  • North Vancouver with 3 locations.   
  • White Spot Richmond with 3 locations.
  • Surrey with 4 locations.
  • White Spot Vancouver with 6 locations.

White Spot Menu varieties:

White Spot’s Canadian restaurants offer a range of options for dine-in guests and take-out recipients. Burgers, sandwiches, salads, breakfast dishes, and sides comprise their regular menu, which includes a dedicated kids’ menu as well. Entrees switch up seasonally alongside promotions featuring limited-time cuisine. Additionally, special offerings come in the form of the appropriate-to-size Pirate Pak meals, complete with a toy run, a main, choice of accompaniment, and a sweet serving.

White Spot prides itself on using only top-notch materials. These include hormone-less meats and freshly picked greens. This winning combination has earned the restaurant a loyal fan base and cemented its place in Canada’s food heritage. Food Lovers may also taste delectable dishes like seafood platters and pasta entrees.

Other popular dishes include the fish and chips and the chicken pot pie (crisp bits of chicken and vegetables in a creamy sauce). White Spot is a great choice for casual eating in Canada, because of its long history, tasty food, and devotion to quality.

White Spot’s Cheapest Item:

Soft Drink is the cheapest item on the White Spot menu costing CANS$4.29.

White Spot’s Expensive Item:

Hatfields Fuse Blasded Church vineyards 750ml is the most expensive item on the White Spot menu, costing CANS$ 41.

Does White Spot offer a Breakfast Menu?

Yes, White Spot restaurant offers a breakfast menu in various locations across Canada. The White Spot Breakfast menu includes 4 different types of categories from which a person can select the food he wants to eat.

Nat’s Favourites: In this category, a customer can get omelettes, cakes, a hearty breakfast, waffles, and wraps. All the items are prepared with fresh and healthy ingredients.

Benedicts and Bowl: This category on the breakfast menu includes items that are prepared with nutritious elements. Items included are fresh fruits, benedicts of different types, a variety of hash browns, and bacon either crispy or sausage.

Brunch: In this category, one can find special brunch items like Charred tomato and spinach Benedicts.

Drinks: In the Drink menu, you can enjoy fresh fruit juices, a variety of coffees, and Mlmosa.

White Spot breakfast hours vary according to the location of the branch. However, usually, this restaurant serves breakfast items and menus till 2:00 p.m.

What makes White Spot popular and superior to other fast-food chains?

White Spot is well-known for its warm environment and pleasant service, making it a popular choice for families and groups of friends. White Spot has grown and changed over the years to meet changing tastes and customer needs while remaining true to its basic ideals of offering outstanding food and exceptional service. 

This restaurant collaborates with local organizations and makes charitable contributions to the community. Regardless of whether you are new to White Spot or have been a loyal customer, you can have an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant has been known for its excellence with awards such as being named one of Canada’s top 100 restaurants.

How to order food from White Spot restaurants in Canada?

You can easily order food from the White Spot menu in Canada with the help of various White Spot delivery partners or through the official White Spot application or website. This restaurant also allows the customers to avail of White Spot take Away services for those who are in a hurry and just want to pick up the food.

For ordering on the official app or website, first of all,

  • enter your location address or allow the device to know your exact location.
  • When the White Spot app or website gets your location, you can see the nearby branch of this restaurant.
  • Here see the menu and add the number of specific items that you want to order.
  • Then finalize your order and you can pay through your bank card.

However, different partners like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub also provide the facility of ordering food through their platform. However, the ordering food method is quite similar to White Spot’s app or website. 

Amazing Deals, Offers & Coupons Codes at White Spot 2023:

White Spot restaurant always comes up with amazing deals and offers to attract customers towards this food establishment. Therefore, over the span of 1 year, this restaurant has offered 24 different deals. Considering the last 6 months, White Spot has offered 9 amazing deals on its menu.

On these deals, you can get a discount on different food items, gift cards, loyalty bonuses, and amazing surprises in case you order your food through their application and register on its website or mobile app.

As we know, these deals, offers, and White Spot coupon codes are to make the customer loyal. These are the prime marketing techniques used by restaurant chains to expand their customer base. 

How to locate a White Spot’s Restaurant near me?

There are now 57 White Spot’s locations in Canada. As a result, locating any specific branch near your location is rather simple. You can find it by: 

  • Google. 
  • Google Maps 
  • Scrape Hero
  • White Spot App
  • Trip Advisor
  • Triple O’s

White Spot’s No. of Employees:

Whether this is your first work, a stop-gap position, or part of a long-term career, White Spot provides many reasons to be joyful and might be the perfect fit for you. There are 746 employees working at White Spot in Canada. The average White Spot pay is $34,106 per year, or $17.49 per hour.

White Spot’s Achievements:

  • White Spot has won the Gold Award in the Category of Traditional 16-29 Franchisees at the 2021 Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) Awards of Excellence in Franchising.
  • White Spot Hospitality, the historic BC-based restaurant business, was granted the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies title for the 13th consecutive year, coupled with Platinum Club membership in 2023 after having obtained the Best Managed certification for more than eight consecutive years.
  • White Spot is among the top 150 food brands that are operating in Canada and has claimed an award from Interbrand Canada. In 2023, this restaurant was granted the distinguished Rix Award for Engaged Corporate Citizenship from the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.
  • White Spot has contributed more than $200,000 to a variety of charities and organizations throughout the last years, including generating donations for The Children’s Charity, the CKNW Kids Fund, Food Banks BC, and the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

Top Alternatives of White Spot Restaurants in Canada:

White Spot is an elegant choice for people who prefer to have meals with the family. Therefore, this restaurant completely understands the nature of its customers and provides them with the highest quality of food with fresh and healthy ingredients. However, there are certain restaurants that offer similar types of quality and services to the customers. Let’s find out such restaurants;

  • D Spot
  • Opa of Greece
  • Church’s Chicken
  • Scores
  • Hakka Legend
  • Costco Food Court
  • Subway

To Check other Resturants Menu Prices visit https://fastfoodmenupricescanada.com/

FAQs about White Spot’s Canada Menu:

Q. What drew you to work with White Spot?

Local ownership, unequalled reputation and unique market positioning, stability and dedication to innovation, industry-leading training, and limitless prospects for progress are just a few of the many reasons White Spot might be the perfect place to advance your career.

Q. Is White Spot a Canadian or an American?

We have happily served British Columbia since 1928, over a century. White Spot Restaurants has become a British Columbian institution, with a dedication to using fresh, high-quality, locally sourced foods.

Q. What are the fundamental values of white spots?

Our food philosophy is built on five pillars:
Food safety.
Animal welfare.
The environment and sustainability.
Social responsibility, nutrition and health.

Q. Is White Spot the same as Triple O’s?

Triple O’s Fast Service Food Chains in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, and Asia provide the same amazing flavour and quality as White Spot. Important ingredients like Triple O sauce, amazing and delicious fries, organic beef, and milkshakes are the highlights of this amazing food restaurant to serve your friends and family members.

Q. White Spot uses what sort of pickles?

They use Seinfeld’s relish, which is available in stores…as are the dill pickles, but no garlic.

Q. How did White Spot come to be?

Everything begins with a man and his vehicle. Nat Bailey converts his Model T into a mobile lunch shop and sets it up at Vancouver’s Lookout Point.

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