Swiss Chalet Menu With Prices Canada 2023 – Get the latest Menu Prices

Founded back in 1954, Swiss Chalet is currently operating over 200 restaurants nationwide under RECIPE Unlimited Corporation. This restaurant chain is a well-known brand and the largest restaurant corporation in Canada that provides complete food service.

Swiss Chalet, a brand based in Canada, serves customers food delivering authentic, tasty, and healthful comfort cuisine. Swiss Chalet Menu with prices in Canada are affordable. Lets have a Look!

Swiss Chalet Menu With Prices Canada

Swiss Chalet has a strong dedication to using high-quality ingredients and carefully preparing its food, which has helped it build a loyal customer base over the years. Swiss Chalet is a great choice for a satisfying and delicious dining experience, whether you are in the mood for a hearty meal or a light snack.

The prices that are described in this blog are totally genuine and taken from the DOORDASH platform, which is the delivery partner of this restaurant. However, this pricing of the items is from one particular location of this restaurant in Canada. As you know, prices may vary with differences in the location of its restaurants.

Swiss Chalet’s Most Popular Menu

The following menu items with prices are available on the Swiss Chalet’s Most Popular Menu:

popular Menu of swiss chalete
Menu ItemPrice
Quarter Chicken DinnerCAN$ 17.59
2 Bottles of PopCAN$ 4.99
Hicken dinner Quarter white meat CAN$ 19.59
Perogies cheeseCAN$ 10.19
Half Dinner chicken CAN$ 21.39
Double leg dinnerCAN$ 19.59
Chicken Soup Chalet BowlCAN$ 6.99
Spring Chicken RollCAN$ 10.25
Rack Back Ribs Quarter chicken CAN$ 30.89
Cheesecake VanillaCAN$ 6.99
popular Menu of swiss chalete

Swiss Chalet Dinner Menu

The following menu items with prices are available on the Swiss Chalet Dinner Menu:

Swiss Chalet Dinner Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Deluxe Dinner for 1CAN$ 25.99
Deluxe Dinner for 2CAN$ 51.89
Dinner for the FamilyCAN$ 72.69
Swiss Chalet Dinner Menu

Swiss Chalet Starters

Among the Swiss Chalet Starters, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Swiss Chalet Starters
Menu ItemPrice
Poutine CAN$ 8.25
Chalet chicken soup CupCAN$ 5.89
Garlic Cheese LKoafCAN$ 9.49
Cheese PerogiesCAN$ 10.25
Chicken Spring RollsCAN$ 10.25
Chalet Chicken Soup CupCAN$ 5.69
Chalet Chicken Soup BowlCAN$ 6.99
Caesar SaladCAN$ 8.09
Garden SaladCAN$ 8.09
Rotisserie chicken Poutine CAN$ 10.25
Swiss Chalet Starters

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken

Among the Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken
Menu ItemPrice
Quarter Chicken DinnerCAN$ 17.59
Quarter Chicken Dinner (White Meat)CAN$ 19.59
Half-Chicken DinnerCAN$ 19. 59
Double Leg DinnerCAN$ 19.59
Swiss Chalet Rotisserie Chicken

BBQ Ribs

The following menu items with prices are available on the BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs of swiss chalete
Menu ItemPrice
Full Rack BBQ Back RibsCAN$ 33.79
1/2 rack BBQ back ribs CAN$ 25.69
1/2 Rack Back Ribs and Quarter ChickenCAN$ 30.89 
BBQ Ribs of swiss chalete

Swiss Chalet Kids Meals

Among the Swiss Chalet Kids Meals, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Swiss Chalet Kids Meals
Menu ItemPrice
Tinderz and Dip ChickenCAN$ 12.19
Mighty Mac n Cheese ballCAN$ 12.69
Kids Cheesy PizzaCAN$ 11.69
Licks Sammy Chicken CAN$ 12.69
Swiss Chalet Kids Meals

Swiss Chalet Dessert Menu

The following menu items with prices are available on the Swiss Chalet Dessert Menu:

Swiss Chalet Dessert Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Mini Cinnamon Sugar DonutsCAN$ 4.00
Mini Chocolate Chip CookieCAN$ 4.00
Lemon Meringue PieCAN$ 5.99
Coconut Cream PieCAN$ 5.99
Vanilla CheesecakeCAN$ 6.25
Swiss Chalet Dessert Menu

Swiss Chalet Sides and Sauces

The following menu items with prices are available on the Swiss Chalet Extra Sides and Sauces:

Swiss Chalet Sides and Sauces
Menu ItemPrice
Creamy Coleslaw CAN$ 3.79
Cut fresh Fries CAN$ 3.79
Chalet Dipping Sauce 12ozCAN$ 2.99
Creamy mashed potatoes CAN$ 3.79
Style Home Gravy 12oz CAN$ 2.99
Baked Loaded Potatoes CAN$ 5.48
Market vegetable CAN$ 3.79
Chalet Dinner RollCAN$ 0.59
Horseradish cream 1.5oz CAN$ 0.79
Cream Sour with Chives CAN$ 0.79
Cajun sour creamCAN$ 0.79
Chalet house Salad dressing CAN$ 1.09
Mighty Caesar salad dressing CAN$ 1.09
Style Home Gravy 4ozCAN$ 0.99
Chalet mayo CAN$ 0.79
Chalet-seasoned Fresh Cut Fries CAN$ 3.79
Plam source CAN$ 0.79
Mayo CAN$ 0.79
BBQ Rib Sauce Smokey 2ozCAN$ 0.79
Mesquite Mayo CAN$ 0.79
Buffalo sauce CAN$ 0.79
Ranch salad dressing CAN$ 1.09
Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing CAN$ 1.09
Chalet Dipping sauce CAN$ 0.99
Low calories Italian Salad Dressing CAN$ 1.09
Swiss Chalet Sides and Sauces

Swiss Chalet Drinks Menu

Among the Swiss Chalet Drinks Menu, you will find the following menu items with the prices.

Swiss Chalet Drinks Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Pepsi CAN$ 2.89
Root Beer CAN$ 2.89
7UP CAN$ 2.89
Diet PepsiCAN$ 2.89
Iced Tea CAN$ 2.89
Bubly cherry sparkling waterCAN$ 1.89
Pepsi zero sugar CAN$ 2.89
Ginger Ale CAN$ 2.89
4 Bottle of Pop CAN$ 9.19
Aquafina water CAN$ 2.49
Montpellier CAN$ 2.89
Lemon Iced Tea Pure LeafCAN$ 3.49
Dole Orange Juice CAN$ 3.19
Apple Dole Joice CAN$ 3.19
2 Bottle of PopCAN$ 4.99
Swiss Chalet Drinks Menu

*Please note that prices can vary by location and may change over time.

Brief History of Swiss Chalet in Canada:

The original Swiss Chalet, located at 234 Bloor Street West, on the northeast corner of Bloor and Bedford Road, opened in 1954. It was the start of a restaurant franchise that would become a symbol of Canadian family meals. Maurice Mauran of Montreal, in collaboration with another businessman, founded the restaurant company. 

Prior to debuting in Toronto, Mauran presented his barbequed-style chicken in Montreal in 1948, through his Chalet-Bar-B-Q restaurants.

Mauran launched a Harvey’s on Bloor Street, a few doors west of his Swiss Chalet, in 1963. Cara Foods (now Recipe) purchased the business in 1977, and it was run by Foodcorp Limited, a subsidiary of the parent corporation located in Toronto. 

They closed their restaurant in 2006. They later reopened their eatery. Swiss Chalet goods were included in the Air Canada board menu in 2008. There are about 220 outlets of Swiss Chalet in Canada by 2021. 

Swiss Chalet’s Menu Variety:

When you visit Swiss Chalet, you can anticipate a delicious dinner that will leave you satiated. The quantities are exactly right, so you won’t leave feeling too stuffed or too hungry. You may order modest meals for children from the kid’s menu. There are lots of delectable delicacies that are suitable for both your hunger and your budget. One of the nicest things about Swiss Chalet is that you don’t have to dress up. 

You are welcome to dress comfortably. The environment is informal and calm, making it ideal for unwinding after a hard day. Many individuals find it difficult to return home after work, but stopping at Swiss Chalet for dinner before travelling home does the trick. Swiss Chalet is usually a wonderful choice when it comes to selecting an economical restaurant that doesn’t sacrifice quality. 

Every day, rotisserie chicken is cooked fresh on the premises; it’s slow-roasted to perfection, and it never sees the inside of a freezer. Fresh Canadian potatoes are hand-sliced into fries in our kitchen. Swiss Chalet’s famed Chalet dipping sauce is cooked on the premises every day to ensure it always tastes as fantastic as you remember. Its barbecued ribs are marinated in-house to be tender and fall off the bone.

Swiss Chalet’s Expensive Item:

The Full Rack BBQ Back Ribs is the most costly item on the Swiss Chalet menu costing CANS$ 32.79.

Swiss Chalet’s Cheapest Item:

Chalet Mayo is the cheapest item on the Swiss Chalet menu Canada, costing CANS$ 0.49.

Swiss Chalet Canada Locations & Branches:

In Canada, there are 186 Swiss Chalet restaurants. Ontario has the most Swiss Chalet locations in Canada, with 153 restaurants, accounting for about 82% of all Swiss Chalet sites in Canada. The company is famous for its Swiss-inspired Rotisserie Chicken served with Signature Chalet Dipping Sauce. Swiss Chalet has been serving wonderful comfort cuisine to Canadians at an affordable price for over 65 years. 

It all starts with its rotisserie chicken and smoky BBQ ribs, which are wonderfully complemented by fresh-cut fries and trademark chalet sauce. Swiss Chalet is all about fresh meals prepared by genuine people. That is why, since its doors first opened in 1954, it has been a Canadian favourite.

Cities with the most number of Swiss Chalet restaurants in Canada:-

  • Kitchener with 3 locations.
  • London with 4 locations.
  • Markham with 4 locations.
  • Hamilton with 4 locations.
  • Brampton has 5 locations.
  • Calgary has 5 locations.
  • Etobicoke has 5 locations.
  • Mississauga with 6 locations.
  • Scarborough with 7 locations.
  • Toronto with 11 locations.

How to order Swiss Chalet Food Items online?

Swiss Chalet provides the facility of ordering its food online from the comfort of your home or office. Therefore, the mobile application or official website of this restaurant allows the user to order food directly from the nearby branch of Swiss Chalte.

For this purpose, you need to enter your location and then you will see the nearby Swiss Chalet branch. Later on, you will be moved to the menu section where you can select the item for your order. Then, you need to pay the bill through your card or can also select the cash on Swiss Chalet delivery services.

Besides this, you can also order food from Swiss Chalet restaurants through different delivery services. This food chain has partnered with DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats. So, if anyone finds difficulty while ordering through the official app or website of Swiss Chalet, he can get their food ordered through these delivery services operating in Canada.

Does Swiss Chalet offer a Breakfast menu?

No, currently Swiss Chalet is not offering any Breakfast menu in any of its branches operating in Canada. This restaurant used to cater for customers with a breakfast menu in 2019 but later they stopped doing so.

Therefore, the operating hours of this branch shifted when they stopped offering a breakfast menu. Currently, the restaurant only deals in Lunch and dinner menus with exciting and delicious dishes and food items.

Swiss Chalet Canada Deals & Offers 2023:

Swiss Chalet is currently offering 24 different amazing deals that you can check out on their official website in Canada. Mostly in these deals, the restaurant offers discounts on various food items to attract a significant customer’s attention.

The current deals include family deals, ordering food delivery for the first time, signing up for the app, and trying different fast food options. However, Swiss Chalet coupon code Canada are often available on its official site and other platforms to avail of the amazing deals and offers for further discounts.

How to locate Swiss Chalet near me?

There are now 186 Swiss Chalet restaurant’ locations in Canada. As a result, locating any specific branch near your location is rather simple. You can find it by: 

  • Google. 
  • Google Maps 
  • Scrape hero.
  • Swiss Chalet.
  • Yelp.
  • Resto Quebec.
  • Uber Eats.

Swiss Chalet’s No of Employees:

Swiss Chalet’s corporate headquarters are situated at 199 Four Valley Dr, Vaughan, Ontario, L4K 0B8, Canada, and employ 896 people. Swiss Chalet’s salary ranges from 10.50$ to 30.59$ per hour. The revenue per employee ratio is $51,339 dollars. Swiss Chalet Fine Foods’ top revenue in 2022 was $46.0M. 

Swiss Chalet’s Achievements:

  • Swiss Chalet has been one of Canada’s most famous restaurants for almost 70 years, but despite its rich heritage, the company is taking steps to ensure its sustained future success.
  • The 2022 Global PAC Award winners were revealed during the Inclusive Opportunities & Universal Design Summit held electronically on February 8, 2022, and Swiss Chalet won the PAC Global Award for Sustainable Design with packaging partner West Rock.

What are the Working Hours of Swiss Chalet Restaurants in Canada?

Swiss Chalet’s working hours are quite similar to other top restaurants. Usually, the swiss chalet canada day hours of different branches of Swiss Chalet may change depending on the location and other key factors. However, a general schedule of the Swiss Chalet restaurant is given below.

Week DayTimings
Monday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
Tuesday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
Wednesday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
Thursday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
Friday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
Saturday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
Sunday11: 00 a.m. – 10: 00 p.m.
swiss chalete hours

Top Alternatives of Swiss Chalet in Canada:

There are various other top fast-food chains operating in Canada that are of the same food quality and provide excellent customer service. Here is a list of these top restaurants.

FAQs about Swiss Chalet’s Canada Menu:

Q. What is the slogan of Swiss Chalet?

So his advertising firm devised the phrase “Swiss Chalet.” “You’re always so good for so little.” Every campaign showcased delectable chicken rotating over hardwood charcoal, and each ad concluded with a local celebrity enjoying their Swiss Chalet supper.

Q. What is the design of Swiss Chalet?

Swiss chalet residences are usually square or rectangular in shape, two and a half storeys tall, with low-pitched roofs with front gables and wide eaves supported by ornate brackets. Some dwellings were constructed completely of wood.

Q. Where can I get Swiss Chalet menu pricing near me?

The menu Swiss Chalet prices range from $0.49 to $44.99. The menu items range in price from the least expensive Chalet Dipping Sauce to the most expensive Deluxe Family Pak.

Q. What is the flavour of chalet?

Chalet Sauce, which is heavy in cornstarch and spice, falls midway between gravy and a non-tart sweet and sour sauce.

Q. What is the signature dish of Swiss Chalet?

Rotisserie chicken is the Swiss chalet’s signature food. The Chicken Dinner (Quarter) is their signature dish, consisting of a chicken breast piece or leg piece that is cooked and roasted perfectly paired with their signature Chalet Sauce, the customer’s favourite side dish and a single roll of bread.

Q. How does the promotion procedure work at Swiss Chalet?

It is determined by skill level, education, and dependability.

Q. How does the interviewing process work at Swiss Chalet?

It’s like having a conversation and then receiving a phone call two weeks later.

Q. What is the significance of the name “chalet”?

The name chalet is derived from the Arpitan-speaking area of Switzerland and the French Savoy region, and originally referred to a herder’s cottage. It was frequently implanted in the ground to provide temperature buffering.

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