Olive Garden menu prices Canada 2024 – Latest menu with prices 

Olive Garde is a very popular American Restaurant chain that provides casual dining and Italian-American cuisine food items and services. It contains a variety of delicious food items that make it famous among Canadian people. The headquartered of Olive Graden is located in Orlando, Florida. They focus on their good ingredients to ensure that their food items remain healthy and tasty.

Furthermore, they provide a family-friendly atmosphere to their customers. The menu of Olive Garden contains many diverse categories of food such as soups, pasta dishes, salads, breadsticks, and many more. The food services of Olive Graden are unmatched because they serve their food in a specific style. In this blog, we will provide you with all information about Olive Garden menu prices Canada with the latest price in 2024. 

Olive Garden menu prices Canada


Chicken FingersCAN$ 15.99
PoutineCAN$ 7.99
Sweet Potato FriesCAN$ 6.99
PerogiesCAN$ 11.99
NachosCAN$ 13.99
BruschettaCAN$ 9.99
QuesadillaCAN$ 13.99
Garlic Bread With CheeseCAN$ 9.99
Chicken WingsCAN$ 14.95


Caesar SaladCAN$ 6.99
Chicken Pecan SaladCAN$ 18.49
Baby Green SaladCAN$ 5.99
Grilled Steak SaladCAN$ 18.48


Original BurgerCAN$ 13.99
Bistro BurgerCAN$ 15.99
Mushroom & Swiss BurgerCAN$ 15.99
Veggie BurgerCAN$ 13.99


ClubhouseCAN$ 14.99
Steak SandwichCAN$ 19.99
Mediterranean Chicken WrapCAN$ 13.99
Chicken & Avocado SandwichCAN$ 13.99
Reuben SandwichCAN$ 16.99
The Olive Crispy Fish WrapCAN$ 13.95
Chicken Or Pork Souvlaki On A PitaCAN$ 12.99


Food ItemPrice 
Spaghetti With Meat SauceCAN$ 17.99
Home Made LasagnaCAN$ 17.99
Fettuccine PomodoroCAN$ 16.99
Steak FettuccineCAN$ 19.98


Food ItemPrice 
Fish & ChipsCAN$ 16.99
Garlic Butter SalmonCAN$ 22.99
Oven Baked TilapiaCAN$ 20.98


Food ItemPrice 
Steak DinnerCAN$ 23.99
Hot SandwichesCAN$ 16.99
Pork Or Chicken Souvlaki DinnerCAN$ 21.98
Liver & OnionsCAN$ 17.99
Chicken ScaloppiniCAN$ 21.98
Rib & Wing ComboCAN$ 24.99
Rack Of RibsCAN$ 24.99

All Day Breakfast

Food ItemPrice 
Steak and EggsCAN$ 19.95
Breakfast SkilletCAN$ 15.99
Hungry ManCAN$ 16.99
Traditional BreakfastCAN$ 11.99
PancakesCAN$ 10.99
Pancake SpecialCAN$ 14.95
French Toast SpecialCAN$ 14.95
Western OmelettesCAN$ 14.95
Healthy WrapCAN$ 15.95
Peameal BenedictCAN$ 16.99
French ToastCAN$ 10.99
Florentine BenedictCAN$ 14.99
Canada Eh OmelettesCAN$ 14.95
Greek OmelettesCAN$ 14.95
Canadian Club WrapCAN$ 14.95
Western WrapCAN$ 14.95
All Greek WrapCAN$ 14.95
All Day Breakfast

Dinner Sides

Food ItemPrice 
GravyCAN$ 1.49
French FriesCAN$ 4.99
Sautéed VegetablesCAN$ 4.99
Sweet Potato FriesCAN$ 6.99
Onion RingsCAN$ 5.99
PoutineCAN$ 6.99
Dinner Sides

Working hours of Olive Garden in Canada

DaysOperating hours
Monday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Tuesday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Wednesday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Thursday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Friday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Saturday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Sunday7:00 a.m. – 8:15 p.m.
Working hours of Olive Garden in Canada

Olive Garden Brief History in Canada 

Olive Garden is a well-known American restaurant chain loved by many Canadians. They offer a relaxed dining experience with a focus on delicious Italian-American cuisine. The company is based in Orlando, Florida, and prides itself on using quality ingredients to create healthy and tasty dishes.

One of the reasons Olive Garden is popular is its diverse menu, featuring a variety of mouth-watering items like soups, pasta dishes, salads, and their famous breadsticks. They pay special attention to the way they serve their food, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for families.In simple terms, Olive Garden is a great place to enjoy tasty food in a friendly setting, making it a favorite among Canadians.

How to Locate Olive Garden near me in Canada? 

If you people live in Canada and also are a food lover and are wondering about Olive Garden restaurants in Canada then don’t worry, you can easily locate near me locations lo Olive Garden restaurants in Canada by using some useful methods. So, I have listed below the methods that can help you to find Olive Garden menu prices Canada. 

Olive Garden Official Website 

To locate near me locations of Olive Garden in Canada you can get help from its official website. Open the official website on your device and check the first interface. The location finder icon is present on the top of the front page. You people click on it and put the location. It offers you a list of different olive garden locations that are near you in Canada. 

Online Search 

You people can easily track near me locations of olive gardens in Canada by searching online. You can use very famous search engines like Google, being, Yahoo. For search purposes, you people type olive garden near me and click on the search bar. After that, search engines provide you with a list of near me locations of Olive Garden menu prices Canada. 

Social Media:

Check Olive Garden’s official social media profiles for announcements and location information. They may share updates on new branches or special promotions.

How to order online from Olive Garden in Canada? 

There are many ways that you can use and make sure your online order from Olive Garden menu prices Canada. So, I have mentioned below all the handy methods that you can use for online order. 

  • Doordash 
  • UberEats 
  • SkipTheDishes 
  • Olive Garden Official Website
  • Social Media 

How to place an online order from Olive Garden’s Official Website 

You can place your order from Olive Garden by using their Official Website. 

  • First, you people search the official Olive Garden Website and open it in your device. 
  • If you people have any account then sign in 
  • After singing in the procedure, you people put in your current location such as city name or postal code. 
  • View the online menu that is available on Olive Garden menu prices Canada. 
  • Select the food items according to your taste and buds. 
  • For specification review your food chart and finally order it. 
  • For paying food charges, you can use your bank account, and also you pay your charge in the hard form of Cash through the delivery boy. 

Alternatives of Olive Garden in Canada 

FAQS Olive Garden menu prices Canada

Do they have olive gardens in Canada?

Yes, Olive Garden is present in Canada. Many locations provide a variety of food items to their customers according to their certification. 

What are the best times to go to Olive Garden?

The ideal time to enjoy a meal is on weekdays from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. During this period, between lunch and dinner, you’ll get the most value for your money at Olive Garden.

What are the 4 soups at Olive Garden?

  • Zuppa Toscana.
  • Pasta e Fagioli.
  • Chicken & Gnocchi.
  • Minestrone.

Are Olive Garden lunch portions smaller?

Opting for lunch entrées might offer smaller portions, resulting in less value for your money. A better approach is to order the regular dinner-sized portion and kindly ask your server to pack half of it for you to take home.

What size is a dinner menu?

The size of the dinner menu at Olive Garden is Dinner Menu: 8.5″x11″, 8.5″x14″, or 11″x17″

Does Olive Garden still give free breadsticks?

Yes, Olive Garden is known for providing complimentary breadsticks to customers as a part of their dining experience. These breadsticks are often served warm and are a popular and iconic item associated with the restaurant.

Is there a limit to soup and salad at Olive Garden?

Certainly! At Olive Garden, you can enjoy unlimited servings of soup or salad and breadsticks with select entrees.

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