Quiznos Menu Prices Canada – 2024

Quiznos restaurant is a fast food restaurant that offers its guests an amazing eating experience. Quiznos menu prices Canada will be discussed in this article. The brand mainly deals in soups, sandwiches, cold drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, and iced coffee.

Quiznos latest Menu with Prices in Canada:

Quiznos Popular Items

Food items Prices 
Broccoli Cheddar Soup BowlCAN$ 6.99
Large Chicken Carbonara Sub (12)”CAN$ 13.99
Nanaimo BarCAN$ 4.50
Broccoli Cheddar Soup CupCAN$ 4.99
Large Honey Bacon Club Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.19
Large Classic Italian Sub (12)”CAN$ 13.19
Large Mesquite Chicken Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.99
Large Honey Bourbon Chicken Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.99
Large Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Sub (12″)CAN$ 15.19
Large Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.19
Quiznos Popular Items

Quiznos Limited Time Only

Food items Prices 
Classic Lobster Sub 12″CAN$ 18.99
Garlic Cheesy Bread 6″CAN$ 7.49
9″ Club Peri PeriCAN$ 14.99
6″ Club Peri periCAN$ 11.89
Garlic Cheesy Bread 12″CAN$ 10.29
12″ Club Peri PeriCAN$ 17.49
The Big Fat Greek Sub 9″CAN$ 16.99
Carne Suprema 6″CAN$ 1186
Classic Lobster Sub 9″CAN$ 15.99
Classic Lobster Sub 6″CAN$ 12.49
The Philly Cheese SteakCAN$ 13.19
Carne SupremaCAN$ 11.86
The Big Fat Greek Sub 6″CAN$ 13.49
The Big Fat Greek Sub 12″CAN$ 18.99
Quiznos Limited Time Only

Quiznos Premiums

Food items Prices 
Large Honey Bacon Club Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.19
Large Classic Italian Sub (12)”CAN$ 13.19
Large Turkey Ranch & Swiss Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.19
Large Veggie Guacamole Sub (12)”CAN$ 13.19
Large Classic Club (12″)CAN$ 13.19
Regular The Traditional Sub (9″)CAN$ 11.39
Regular Honey bacon club (9″)CAN$ 11.39
Regular Veggie & Guacamole (9″)CAN$ 11.39
Large Turkey Bacon Guacamole Sub (12)”CAN$ 13.79
Large Meatball (12″)Regular Turkey, Ranch & Swiss (9″)CAN$ 13.19
Regular Classic Club (9″)CAN$ 11.39
Small Classic Italian Sub (6)”CAN$ 11.39
Large The Traditional Sub (12″)CAN$ 9.19
Small Veggie & Guacamole (6″)CAN$ 13.19
Regular Classic Italian Sub (9)”CAN$ 8.99
Small Classic Club (6″)CAN$ 11.39
Small Meatball Sub (6)”CAN$ 9.19
Small The Traditional Sub (6″)CAN$ 9.19
Small Turkey Bacon Guacamole Sub (6)”CAN$ 9.79
Small Honey Bacon Club Sub (6″)CAN$ 9.19
Small Signature Tuna (6″)CAN$ 9.79
Small Turkey, Ranch & Swiss (6″)CAN$ 8.99
Regular Turkey Bacon Guacamole Sub (9)”CAN$ 11.99
Regular Meatball Sub (9)”CAN$ 11.19
Regular Signature Tuna (9″)CAN$ 11.99
Large Signature Tuna (12″)CAN$ 13.79
Quiznos Premiums

Quiznos Chicken

Food items Prices 
Large Chicken Carbonara Sub (12)”CAN$ 13.99
Large Mesquite Chicken Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.99
Large Baja Chicken Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.99
Regular Mesquite Chicken Sub (9″)CAN$ 12.99
Large Honey Bourbon Chicken Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.99
Regular Chicken Carbonara Sub (9)”CAN$ 12.99
Small Mesquite Chicken Sub (6″)CAN$ 10.49
Regular Baja Chicken Sub (9″)CAN$ 12.99
Large Honey Mustard Chicken Sub (12″)CAN$ 13.99
Regular Honey Bourbon Chicken Sub (9″)CAN$ 12.99
Small Honey Mustard Chicken Sub (6″)CAN$ 10.49
Regular Honey Mustard Chicken Sub (9″)CAN$ 12.99
Small Baja Chicken Sub (6″)CAN$ 10.40
Small Honey Bourbon Chicken Sub (6″)CAN$ 10.49
Small Chicken Carbonara Sub (6)”CAN$ 10.40
Quiznos Chicken

Quiznos Steak

The pricing details of items in the Steaks menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Peices 
Large Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Sub (12″)CAN$ 15.19
Regular Peppercorn Steak Sub (9)”CAN$ 13.69
Regular Beef & Swiss Melt (9″)CAN$ 13.19
Large Black Angus Sub (12″)CAN$ 15.69
Large Peppercorn Steak Sub (12)”CAN$ 15.19
Large Beef & Swiss Melt (12″)CAN$ 15.19
Regular Black Angus Sub (9″)CAN$ 13.69
Regular Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Sub (9″)CAN$ 13.69
Small Chipotle Steak & Cheddar Sub (6″)CAN$ 11.39
Small Black Angus Sub (6″)CAN$ 11.39
Small Beef & Swiss Melt (6″)CAN$ 11.39
Small Peppercorn Steak Sub (6)”CAN$ 11.39
Quiznos Steak

Quiznos Flatbread Pizzas

The pricing details of items in the Flatbreads pizzas menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
BBQ Chicken Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 10.09
Italian Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 10.09
Big Pepperoni Flatbread PizzaCAN$ 10.09
Quiznos Flatbread Pizzas

Quiznos Sammie Flatbreads

The pricing details of items in the sammie Flatbreads menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Cool Ranch Chicken SammieCAN$ 5.99
Chipotle Chicken SammieCAN$ 5.99
BBQ Black Angus Steak SammieCAN$ 5.99
Quiznos Sammie Flatbreads

Quiznos Soup

The pricing details of items in the Soup menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Broccoli Cheddar Soup BowlCAN$ 6.99
Broccoli Cheddar Soup CupCAN$ 4.99
Chicken Noodle Soup BowlCAN$ 6.99
Chicken Noodle Soup CupCAN$ 4.99
Chili BowlCAN$ 6.99
Chili CupCAN$ 4.99
Quiznos Soup

Quiznos Salad

The pricing details of items in the salads menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad (Entree)CAN$ 10.80
Honey of a Chef Salad (Small)CAN$ 5.99
Mediterranean Chicken Salad (Small)CAN$ 5.99
Honey Mustard Chicken Salad (Side)CAN$ 5.99
Honey of a Chef Salad (Entree)CAN$ 10.80
Mediterranean Chicken Salad (Entree)CAN$ 10.80
Quiznos Salad

Quiznos Kids’ Meals

The pricing details of items in the Kids Meal menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Kids’ Cheesy Cheese SubCAN$ 7.50
Kids’ Ham & Cheese SubCAN$ 7.50
Kids’ Turkey & Cheese SubCAN$ 7.50
Quiznos Kids’ Meals

Quiznos Chips

The pricing details of items in the Chips menu are available at Quiznos Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
ChipsCAN$ 2.50
Quiznos Chips

Quiznos Desserts

Food items Prices 
Nanaimo BarCAN$ 4.50
Chocolate Chunk Cookie (1 Pc.)CAN$ 2.50
Deep Dutch Brownie BarsCAN$ 4.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie (1 pc)CAN$ 2.50
Quiznos Desserts

Quiznos Beverages

Food items Prices 
Coca-Cola® Sparkling Bottle BeveragesCAN$ 3.09
Vitamin WaterCAN$ 3.50
Strawberry MilkCAN$ 3.59
Chocolate MilkCAN$ 3.59
Minute MaidCAN$ 3.59
Bottled Water (500 ml.)CAN$ 3.09
Quiznos Beverages

Brief History of Quiznos in Canada:

Quiznos restaurant has been a renowned food brand in Canada. Ched and entrepreneur John Quincy started Quiznos in the early 1980s, marking the beginning of the company’s history. In 1982, the first Quiznos restaurant opened its doors in Toronto, Canada. 

The first location quickly gained attention for its menu, which showcased a fusion of international flavors and culinary techniques. Throughout the 1980s, Quiznos opened new branches in key Canadian cities like Vancouver, Montreal, and Calgary, thereby expanding its reach throughout the country.

By the early 1990s, Quiznos had established itself as a beloved fast-food brand in Canada. When Quiznos opened a main store in Toronto in 1995, it achieved a significant milestone. This flagship location became a representation of the brand’s progress and the development of the Quiznos cooking experience. Qunizoz continued innovating and adjusting to shifting food trends in the next years. 

Fun facts about Quiznos Canada:

Here are some fun facts and offers that are being offered by Quiznos Restaurant Canada. 

  1. Quiznos regularly introduces a “Flavor of the Month” ice cream, featuring unique and limited-time offers that customers can enjoy. This allows patrons to discover new and exciting taste experiences with each visit. 
  2. Quiznos is known for its freshly made waffle cones. The air is filled with the delicious scent of these warm, and crispy cones, giving customers an appealing and delightful experience. 
  3. Quizoz frequently holds seasonal offers, limited-time tastes, or discounts on special occasions
  4. Through loyalty programs, Quiznos rewards its loyal customers with the opportunity to collect points and get discounts.   

How do order can be made from Quiznos online?

Official Website:

  • You can use the official website of Quiznos and place your order by entering your details. You may view the menu and prices, and online ordering by visiting the website. 
  • Simply select the items you want and add them to the cart by clicking the “order online” button. Just double-check by looking at the items you ordered and the total amount. 
  • Then simply provide your preferred mode of payment (Cash on delivery, credit card, or debit card) along with the delivery details. 
  • The “order number” of the item that was sent to you in your email can also be used to track your order.
Quiznos favorite item

Uber Eats:

Ubereats is the delivery service provider for Quiznos. Using the Uber Eats app or website, customers can conveniently order other menu items as well as their preferred ice cream. 

You can browse through the Uber Eats menu, place orders through the things you like, and have them delivered to your home.


Services are provided by Quiznos Restaurant Canada via Doordash. Another well-known and sensibly employed meal delivery service that has teamed up with Quiznos. 

Visit the popular Doordash website or app to get your meal delivered right to your door. On Doordash, you may browse through the Quiznos menu and make an order for pickup or delivery.

How to locate Quiznos near me in Canada:

As of right now, there are more than 100 branches of Quiznos currently operating in Canada. Now, finding a Quiznos branch near you is not a huge concern.

  • While there are many internet resources available to assist you in finding the Quiznos branch close to your location, you can obtain the exact location and address of the location by going to the brand’s official website.
  • You can find the desired result’s location with the help of Doordash, or the Ubereat app.
  • If your location is enabled, you can also search using Google Maps. You may also lookup “Quiznos near me”. This website will also lead you to the targeted location if you like to verify the operating hours, menu, and prices.
  • If you type Mucho Burrito Near Me into the search field on Google Maps, all of the closest Mucho Burrito franchises will be displayed. 

Additionally, you can check the ratings and business hours of the closest branch.

Working Hours of Quiznos in Canada 

WeekdayWorking Hours
Sunday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 
Monday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 
Tuesday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 
Wednesday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 
Thursday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 
Friday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 
Saturday 10:00 am – 10:55 pm 

Alternatives of Quiznos in Canada:

If you are looking for an alternative to the Quiznos in Canada, here are some popular restaurants that you might consider.

FAQs about Quiznos Menu Prices Canada

What type of cuisines does Quiznos Restaurant serve?

Quiznos Restaurant serves a fusion of international flavors, offering a diverse menu that celebrates cuisine.

Does Quiznos Restaurant offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Quiznos Restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options. They strive to accommodate various dietary needs and preferences. 

Is Quiznos Restaurant kid-friendly?

Yes, Quiznos Restaurant is kid-friendly. They often have a kid’s menu and create a welcoming atmosphere for families.

Can I make a reservation at Quiznos Restaurant?

Quiznos Restaurant may offer reservations, depending on the location and policies. It is recommended to check their website or contact the specific restaurant for reservation availability.

Does Quiznos Restaurant offer take-out or delivery services?

Yes, Quiznos Restaurant offers take-out and delivery services. You can also use their official website or other delivery platforms such as Doordash or Uber Eats for delivery service.

Does Quiznos Restaurant accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Yes, Quiznos Restaurant aims to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies to the best of its ability. They may have options for dietary needs, but it is recommended to inform the staff about any specific requirements.

Does Quiznos Restaurant offer catering services for events?

Quiznos restaurant may offer catering services for events. It is best to contact the specific restaurant for more information and to discuss catering options. 

Does Quiznos Restaurant have a loyalty program?

Yes, Quiznos Restaurant has a loyalty program in which customers can get points for every purchase they make, and then they can get rewards or discounts. 

Does Quiznos Restaurant have a dessert menu or specialty desserts?

Yes, Quiznos Restaurant typically has a dessert menu that includes specialty desserts. They may offer a variety of sweet treats to satisfy your cravings.

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