McDonald’s Menu Prices Canada 2024

World’s No 1 Fast Food chain McDonald’s is serving its delicious food all around Canada since 1967. The fast food chain is with more than 14k+ Locations in Canada. More than 2.4M Canadians are enjoying the taste of McDonald’s. The reason for McDonald’s success is the delicious taste, quality, Low Price and variety of food options to choose from.

McDonald's menu prices Canada

McDonald’s Menu List:

  • McDonald’s Beef Menu
  • Chicken Menu
  • Happy Meal Menu
  • Wraps & Sandwiches Menu
  • McPicks Menu
  • Snacks and Sides
  • Breakfast Menu
  • Deserts and shakes
  • Beverages Menu
  • McCafe Menu

McDonald’s Beef Menu:

McDonald's menu prices Canada Beef Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Grand Big Mac CAN$ 11.59
Big MacCAN$ 8.29
Double Big MacCAN$ 9.49
HamburgerCAN$ 3.19
Double HamburgerCAN$ 3.69
CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.49
Double CheeseburgerCAN$ 4.99
McDoubleCAN$ 3.99
Quarter Pounder with Cheese CAN$ 9.29
Quarter Pounder without Cheese CAN$ 8.39
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese CAN$ 11.29
Double Quarter Pounder without Cheese CAN$ 10.29
Quarter Pounder BLT CAN$ 10.39
Double Quarter Pounder BLTCAN$ 11.29
McDonald’s Beef Menu

Chicken Menu

McDonald’s Menu Chicken
Menu ItemPrice
McCrispyCAN$ 8.79
Spicy McCrispy CAN$ 8.79
Spicy McCrispy Bacon DeluxeCAN$ 8.79
McCrispy Bacon DeluxeCAN$ 10.49
Grilled Chicken SandwichCAN$ 8.79
Chicken McGriddlesCAN$ 5.09
Chicken McMuffinCAN$ 5.09
Spicy Habanero McChicken CAN$ 8.29
McChicken CAN$ 8.29
Bacon Deluxe Grilled Chicken SandwichCAN$ 10.49
Spicy Grilled Chicken SandwichCAN$ 8.79
Spicy Bacon Deluxe Grilled Chicken SandwichCAN$ 9.69
6 Chicken McNuggetsCAN$ 8.19
10 Chicken McNuggets CAN$ 11.99
20 Chicken McNuggets (Serving for 2)CAN$ 18.29
Junior Chicken CAN$ 3.99
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap with a Flavor of Grilled ChickenCAN$ 3.99
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap with a Flavor of Crispy ChickenCAN$ 3.99
Sweet Chili McWrap With Grilled ChickenCAN$ 8.99
Sweet Chili McWrap With Crispy ChickenCAN$ 8.99
Zesty Lime McWrap with Grilled ChickenCAN$ 8.79
Zesty Lime McWrap with Crispy ChickenCAN$ 8.79
Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap – Grilled ChickenCAN$ 3.99
Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap – Crispy ChickenCAN$ 3.99
McDonald’s Menu Chicken

Happy Meals

Happy Meal is a promotional offer that has different McDonalds deals with Chicken Burgers and Nuggets. Usually, this deal is suitable for you from McDonald’s menu prices Canada if you are visiting with your family.

McDonald’s Menu Happy Meals
Menu ItemPrice
Happy Meal Cheeseburger CAN$ 6.29
Happy Meal 4 Chicken McNuggets CAN$ 6.79
Happy Meal HamburgerCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meal Chicken Snack Wrap – Grilled ChickenCAN$ 6.19
Happy Meal Chicken Snack Wrap – Crispy ChickenCAN$ 6.19
Happy Meal HotcakesCAN$ 5.99
McDonald’s Menu Happy Meals

Wraps & Sandwiches

Moving further in McDonald’s menu prices Canada, we have special promotional and affordable offers of Wraps and sandwiches.

McDonald’s Menu Wraps & Sandwiches
Menu ItemPrice
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap with a Flavor of Grilled ChickenCAN$ 3.99
Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap with a Flavor of Crispy ChickenCAN$ 3.99
Chicken & Bacon McWrap – Crispy ChickenCAN$ 7.59
Chicken & Bacon McWrap – Grilled Chicken CAN$ 12.99
Caesar McWrap with Crispy ChickenCAN$ 7.59
Filet-O-FishCAN$ 8.19
Double Filet-O-FishCAN$ 11.29
Happy Meal Chicken Wrap – Crispy Chicken FlavorCAN$ 6.19
Sweet Chili McWrap With Grilled ChickenCAN$ 8.99
Sweet Chili McWrap With Crispy ChickenCAN$ 8.99
Zesty Lime McWrap with Grilled ChickenCAN$ 8.79
Zesty Lime McWrap with Crispy ChickenCAN$ 8.79
Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap – Grilled ChickenCAN$ 3.99
Ranch Chicken Snack Wrap – Crispy ChickenCAN$ 3.99
McDonald’s Menu Wraps & Sandwiches

McDonald’s McPicks Menu

Here is McPicks Menu from McDonald’s menu prices Canada, Lets have a look on items available.

McDonald’s McPicks Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Junior Chicken CAN$ 3.99
McDoubleCAN$ 3.99
HamburgerCAN$ 3.19
CheeseburgerCAN$ 3.49
World famous Fries SmallCAN$ 3.19
Baked Apple PieCAN$ 2.19
McDonald’s McPicks Menu

McDonald’s Snacks & Sides Menu

Here is Snacks & Sides Menu from McDonald’s menu prices Canada, Lets have a look on items available.

McDonald’s Snacks & Sides Menu
Menu ItemPrice
PoutineCAN$ 6.79
Chocolate Chunk RMHC CookieCAN$ 1.29
Apple SlicesCAN$ 1.79
Brownie RMHC CookieCAN$ 1.09
World Famous FriesCAN$ 3.19
Blueberry MuffinCAN$ 2.39
Cranberry Orange MuffinCAN$ 2.39
Fruit & Fibre Muffin CAN$ 2.39
Carrot MuffinCAN$ 2.39
Banana Chocolate Chunk MuffinCAN$ 2.39
Baked Apple PieCAN$ 2.19
McDonald’s Snacks & Sides Menu

McDonalds Breakfast Menu Prices Canada:

The following table from McDonald’s menu prices Canada provides the pricing details of Breakfast Menu.

Menu ItemPrice
Egg BLT McMuffinCAN$ 5.69
Bacon ‘N Egg McMuffinCAN$ 5.89
Chicken McMuffinCAN$ 5.09
Sausage ‘N Egg McMuffinCAN$ 5.89
Chicken McMuffin BLTCAN$ 6.45
Egg McMuffinCAN$ 5.49
Sausage McMuffinCAN$ 3.49
Everything Bagel With ButterN/A
Sesame Bagel With Butter N/A
Plain Bagel With ButterN/A
Plain Bagel With Regular Cream Cheese ProductN/A
Sesame Bagel With Regular Cream Cheese ProductN/A
Egg BLT Bagel with Plain Bagel N/A
Everything Bagel with Regular Cream Cheese ProductN/A
Sesame Egg BLT BagelN/A
Egg BLT Bagel with Everything BagelN/A
Bacon ‘N Egg Bagel with Everything BagelN/A
Bacon ‘N Egg Bagel with Plain BagelCAN$ 8.39
Sesame Bacon‘N Egg Bagel CAN$ 8.39
Sesame Sausage ‘N Egg Bagel CAN$ 8.39
Sausage ‘N Egg Bagel with Everything BagelN/A
Sausage ‘N Egg Bagel with Plain BagelN/A
Sausage Egg, & Cheese McGriddlesCAN$ 6.49
Bacon, Egg, & Cheese McGriddlesCAN$ 6.49
Sausage McGriddlesCAN$ 5.09
Chicken McGriddlesCAN$ 5.09
Mighty McMuffinCAN$ 6.89
2 Breakfast Burrito CAN$ 7.69
HotcakesCAN$ 5.29
Hotcakes with BaconCAN$ 5.89
Hotcakes with SausageCAN$ 5.89
McDonalds Breakfast Menu Prices Canada

Desserts & Shakes

The following table from McDonald’s menu prices Canada provides the pricing details of Desserts & Milkshake Menu.

McDonald’s Menu Desserts & Shakes
Menu ItemPrice
Baked Apple PieCAN$ 2.19
Vanilla Triple Thick Milkshake CAN$ 2.49
Strawberry Triple Thick Milkshake CAN$ 2.49
Chocolate  Triple Thick MilkshakeCAN$ 2.49
Strawberry Baked PieCAN$ 2.19
Hot Fudge CAN$ 3.39
Hot Caramel SundaeCAN$ 3.39
Caramel Popcorn McFlurryCAN$ 4.39
Confetti Cookie Dough McFlurryCAN$ 4.39
Smarties McFlurryCAN$ 4.09
SKOR McFlurryCAN$ 4.09
Oreo McFlurryCAN$ 4.09
McDonald’s Menu Desserts & Shakes

Beverages Menu

The following table from McDonald’s menu prices Canada provides the pricing details of Beverages Menu.

McDonald’s Beverages Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Coca-ColaCAN$ 1.79
Diet CokeCAN$ 1.79
Coca-Cola ZeroCAN$ 1.79
Lemon Fruit SplashCAN$ 2.79
Peach Mango Fruit SplashCAN$ 2.79
Strawberry Passionfruit Fruit SplashCAN$ 2.79
Fruitopia Orange GrooveCAN$ 1.79
Fruitopia Strawberry Passion AwarenessCAN$ 1.79
Minute Maid Apple JuiceCAN$ 2.49
Minute Maid Orange JuiceCAN$ 2.49
Sprite CAN$ 1.79
Dasani Water Bottle CAN$ 3.19
Nestea Ice TeaCAN$ 2.69
Barq’s Root BeerCAN$ 1.79
1% partly Skimmed Milk – 250ml CAN$ 1.69
1% partly Chocolate Skimmed Milk – 250ml CAN$ 1.69
McDonald’s Beverages Menu

McDonald’s McCafe & Bakery Menu

The following table from McDonald’s menu prices Canada provides the pricing details of McCafe & Bakery Menu.

McDonald’s McCafe & Bakery Menu
Menu ItemPrice
Premium Roast CoffeeCAN$ 1.99
Caramel Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 3.69
MochaCAN$ 3.29
Latte with Sugar Free Syrup (2% Milk)CAN$ 3.99
Long EspressoCAN$ 1.69
Med French Vanilla Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 4.29
Cappuccino (2% Milk)CAN$ 3.69
Latte (2% Milk)CAN$ 3.69
Hot Chocolate CAN$ 3.19
AmericanoCAN$ 2.79
Double EspressoCAN$ 3.19
EspressoCAN$ 2.39
Long EspressoCAN$ 2.79
French Vanilla Iced CoffeeCAN$ 3.09
Iced Coffee with Sugar-Free SyrupCAN$ 3.09
Premium Roast Brewed Iced CoffeeCAN$ 2.09
Coffee FrappeCAN$ 4.39
Caramel Iced CoffeeCAN$ 3.09
Chocolate Chunk CookieCAN$ 1.29
Sprinkle Li’L DonutCAN$ 1.19
Double Glazed DonutCAN$ 1.29
Boston Cream Li’L DonutCAN$ 1.19
Maple Iced and Caramel Filled DonutCAN$ 1.29
Cookie & Cream Li’L DonutCAN$ 1.19
Mango Pineapple Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.99
Strawberry Banana Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.99
Kiwi Pineapple Banana Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.99
Blueberry & Pomegranate Real Fruit SmoothieCAN$ 3.99
Blueberry MuffinCAN$ 1.59
Cranberry Orange MuffinCAN$ 2.39
Fruit & Fibre Muffin CAN$ 2.39
Carrot MuffinCAN$ 2.39
Banana Chocolate Chunk MuffinCAN$ 2.39
McDonald’s McCafe & Bakery Menu

Canada is a big country in terms of land area with diverse landscapes and seasons. The prices that are discussed below are deducted from DOORDASH and UBEREATS Delivery services. Therefore, you might notice a slight change in McDonald’s menu prices Canada depending on the location and season.

Brief History of McDonald’s in Canada:

After analyzing a great opportunity for business and growth, McDonald’s set up its first branch in Richmond, British Columbia in 1967. Since then, it has focused on providing a portion of great quality food and service to the people of Canada. Furthermore, this fast food chain maintained its quality in taste and better service which led them to open more branches in other states of Canada. 

Why this fast food chain was under criticism?

Recently, this fast food chain was under criticism because of using artificial ingredients in their menu items and also contributing to environmental pollution issues. But soon McDonald’s realized the nature of these negligences and decided to glorify their image. For this purpose, they started taking part in activities that promote healthy eating and living. 

In addition, they replaced artificial food ingredients with natural flavours to promote healthy eating. Besides this, this fast food chain promised to utilize renewable energy resources completely in 2025. McDonald’s also participates in different charity programs to keep its persists its reputable image not only in Canada but also all over the globe. 

How Much is the Employment Rate and Revenue of McDonald’s in Canada?

From a Revenue and economic point of view, McDonald’s is one of the highest-earning companies that is based in Canada with over $4 Billion in turnover annually. This is huge for a fast-food chain that also provides job opportunities to thousands of people in Canada.

Roughly more than 100,000 individuals are employed by this fast food chain through McDonalds Canada careers in different branches and states of Canada. So, this number is living proof that McDonald’s is actually the 10th largest employer in this country.

How to locate Mcdonald’s Near Me?

Currently, there are almost 1400 McDonald’s branches operating in Canada. Therefore, locating any particular branch near your location is quite simple. There are various locating tools that can help in this regard, but McDonald’s Locator is best to Use can precisely tell you about the nearest branch with its location and address. 

Furthermore, you can take help from Google Maps and enable your current location. By searching McDonald’s Near Me in the search bar, Google Maps will provide you with the location of all nearby McDonald’s branches. In addition, you can check the working hours and rating of the nearby branch.

Does McDonald’s Offer Breakfast Menu?

Yes, McDonald’s Canada offers a delightful Breakfast menu that can be savored during its particular Breakfast hours. This menu includes a variety of sandwiches, wraps, hot drinks from McCafe, etc.

These all items are prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients keeping in mind all the necessary cooking guidelines and precautionary measures.

McDonalds Breakfast Menu Prices Canada

Sandwiches: McDonald’s specializes in sandwiches that contain nutritious ingredients like sausage patty, fried egg, Hotcakes, Muffins, and Cheese slices.

Hotcakes: Hotcakes are among the amazing breakfast menu items that are served with sausage patty or bacon slices.

McCafe: Different hot drinks like coffee or tea options are there to pair with sandwiches and hotcakes for a delightful meal.

This Breakfast starts from 4:00 AM and continue for a day. You can enjoy this anywhere in Canada. 

McDonald’s Exciting Deals and Coupons:

McDonald’s always comes up with exciting deals and offers that always keep its fond users attached to this food chain. These offers come with titles like “Monopoly Game” and “Limited-Time Offer.” In McDonald’s Canada Monopoly games, a consumer can also win huge prizes by completing a Monopoly game board with the pieces that they get for purchasing McDonald’s menu items. 

In Limited-Time offers, this fast food chain comes with new delicious burgers, sandwiches, or wraps for a certain time period. There are different combo McDonald’s deals and meal boxes that are considered the favourite meals for most McDonald’s consumers.

How to order online from McDonald’s in Canada?

McDonald’s provides different delivery options to order food from its menu across Canada. Moreover, the official mobile application or website of McDonald’s also allows users to order food from this fast food chain. The user has to enter his delivery location and then add the items to the cart which he wants to order. However, one should ensure whether the nearby branch of McDonald’s delivers food at your specific location. In case, you are far from the restaurant, the cost of delivery can increase.

Except for the official app and website, McDonald’s also delivers food with the help of various Food delivery companies like Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and SkipTheDishes.

Varieties in the Menu of McDonald’s Canada:

Besides its fast food menu, McDonald’s comes with menus like McCafe, and Bakery Items. Moreover, you can get both cold drinks and hot drinks from this fast food chain. You can have coffee, Donuts, cookies, pastries, and many other cafe items. 

Apart from its McDonald’s menu prices Canada choices, it also provides a range of McDonalds breakfast items, salads, and desserts. In recent times, the fast-food chain has taken steps to broaden its menu by introducing healthier alternatives like salads, fruits, and yogurt parfaits.

Applying Cutting-Edge Technologies to Improve its Service:

The largest fast food chain offers exciting options like delivery of their food or drive-thru service for picking up your food. But you might not be entertained by these services at every McDonald’s branch in Canada. 

This fast food chain is committed to trying out new technologies and softwares to enhance its quality and customer service. With these cutting-edge technologies, McDonald’s aims to improve its McDonald’s Canada app, cashless payment methods, and delivery options through the McDonald’s Mobile Application. So, this digitalization will definitely add more worth to this fast food chain.

Working hours of McDonald’s in Canada:

The opening hours of McDonald’s branches depend on the location. However, there are many branches all over Canada that operate 24 by 7 in a week. So, the branches that have opening and closing hours usually open at 6:00 AM and close at 12:00 AM.

McDonald’s Alternatives in Canada:

In case you do not have access to McDonald’s restaurants and looking for other restaurants where you can get high-quality and an amazing variety of fast food with exciting deals all day long, here are some of the top alternatives of McDonald’s in Canada.

Some FAQs about McDonald’s Menu Prices Canada

Q. When did the first McDonald’s open in Canada?

The first McDonalds in Canada opened on June 1, 1967. However, the first McDonalds in Ontario became operational on April 15, 1968.

Q. What are large fries McDonalds price Canada?

Large Fries from McDonald’s will cost you around CAN$3.29.

Q. How much is a Big Mac at McDonalds Canada?

The Big Mac price Canada usually differs according to the location, but its price is around $5.69 in Canada.

Q. What are McDonald’s chicken nuggets prices and McDonalds junior chicken prices Canada?

Following are the prices of each item.
Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets price              CAN$ 14.79
Mcdonald’s junior chicken price Canada     CAN$ 7.69
Mcflurry price Canada                                CAN$ 4.49

Q. Does Canada have McChicken?

Yes, McDonald’s Canada’s menu has a McChicken sandwich on their menu. It is a popular item available for customers to enjoy.

Q. Is there a McDonald’s in Canada?

Yes, there are numerous McDonald’s restaurants in Canada. McDonald’s is a well-established and popular fast-food chain with locations across the country. From major cities to small towns, you can find McDonald’s restaurants serving their signature McD burgers, fries, and other menu items throughout Canada. The company has been operating in Canada for several decades and continues to be a prominent presence in the country’s fast-food industry.

Q. How much is a Big Mac meal in Ontario Canada?

Big Mac Burger is available in three different flavours and each flavour has its own price. 

Q. How much is poutine at McDonald’s Canada?

A Poutine from McDonald’s menu prices Canada will cost around CAN$ 5.89. 

Q. What is the lowest price at McDonald’s menu prices Canada?

Brownie cookies and Double Glazed Donuts are items from the Bakery menu at McDonald’s that will cost around CAN$ 1.09. These are the lowest-priced items on this menu from McDonald’s Canada. 

Q. Does McDonald’s accept Google Wallet or Apple Pay?

No, Currently McDonald’s is not accepting cashless payments through Google Wallet or Apple Pay. Hopefully, the chain start accepting payment from these methods on mobile orders.

Q. How do I add, remove or edit payment card information?

You can simply do it through your McDonald’s Application on your mobile. 

Q. Can I change my order after ordering it?

Yes, you can change your order until it is in pending mode. So, during this time you may add or remove any item from your order. 

Q. How many McDonald’s in Canada?

There are almost 1400 McDonald’s branches spread across Canada. 

Q. Where does the Happy Meal donation go?

Ronald McDonalds runs different charities and a part of the profit from the Happy Meal menu sale is directly handed over to these charities. 

Q. How can I become a McDonald’s franchisee?

If you are hard hard-working and committed person, then you can own a franchisee of the largest food chain in the world. Besides these qualities, you need to be highly qualified and passionate to do something for your community.

Q. What is the cheapest item on McDonald’s menu prices Canada?

Brownie cookies and Glazed Double Donuts are among the cheapest items that you can find from the McDonald’s menu with prices Canada. These donuts and Cookies can cost you CAN$ 1.09 each. 

Q. What is the most expensive item on McDonald’s menu prices Canada?

A Quarter Pounder BLT is the most expensive single item from McDonald’s menu prices Canada costing around CAN$ 15.69. But a daily deal Value Bundle Meal serving 4 people is the most expensive deal on McDonald’s Menu. This deal will cost around CAN $35.20.

Q. What is the largest McDonald’s branch in Canada?

The largest McDonald’s branch in Canada has recently operated in Yonge and Elm Street. This branch is spread over an area of 9000 square feet and has a seating capacity of over 250 people at a time.

Q. What is the biggest burger at McDonald’s in Canada?

Considering the biggest McD burger in its size, the Double Big Mac is surely ahead of all. The ingredients of this burger include Cheddar Cheese, beef patties, onions, special sauce, pickles, crispy, and fresh lettuce, all placed on a hot sesame seed bun. So, the Double Big Mac Burger price is CAN$ 8.20. 

Q. Which is better Big Mac or Quarter Pounder?

From a calorie point of view, both Big Mac and Quarter Pounder carry a similar amount of energy. But from a healthy perspective, the Big Mac burger contains more vegetable ingredients than the Quarter Pounder from McDonald’s. Similarly, Quarter Pounder contains more meat ingredients than Big Mac Burger. So, if you prefer vegetables then you should try Big Mac, but in case you love Beef or chicken, you can get your hands on Quarter Pounder. However, the price of a Big Mac is CAN$ 6.19 and Quarter Pounder has a price tag of CAN$ 7.29.

Q. Does McDonald’s deliver with Uber Eats in Canada?

Uber Eats and many other delivery startups have collaborated with McDonald’s to deliver its orders across the cities in Canada. The cost per delivery on Uber Eats ranges from CAN$ 3.99 to CAN$ 5.99 depending upon the location. 

Q. What is the most popular McDonald’s burger?

The most popular burger on McDonald’s menu is Big Mac. However, this McD burger is available in both chicken and Beef flavours. However, the chicken flavour of this burger attracts more consumers. 

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