Pizza Hut Menu Prices Canada – 2024

Launched in 1968 in Canada, Pizza Hut is the top pizzeria and one of the major restaurant businesses. Pizza Hut has long been considered the best pizza shop in Canada, and there are several reasons why.

 With over 562 branches within Canada, It serves delicious pizzas, Pizza Hut salads, pasta dishes, and other foods.

Whether you want to buy online, call in your Pizza Hut online order, or visit in person, Pizza Hut provides incredible promotions and freebies that will keep you coming back for more. Here you will find latest updated pizza hut menu prices. Lets Go and Check!

Pizza Hut Menu Prices Canada:

It is time to explore the menu prices at Pizza Hut Canada in greater depth. so we can better understand the wide variety of food options available. 

One thing to clear is that the prices of various items described in the tables are purely obtained from DOORDASH, who is the official partner of Pizza Hut for delivering its pizzas and other food item to different locations in Canada. 

Therefore, these prices may vary according to the location of these restaurants in different states and cities of Canada.

Pizza Hut’s Most Popular Menu in Canada

Hut Pizza has the most popular items, such as traditional pizza, Mozzarella Sticks, Large Breadsticks, and Boneless Bites.

Pizza Hut Menu Card
Pizza Hut Menu Card

These items and their prices are discussed below.

TraditionalCA$ 14.79
6 personal Create your ownCA$ 6.49
Create your own 12 (Medium) CA$ 19.19
Hershey Ultimate Chipits CookieCA$ 9.49
Boneless BitesCA$ 13.79 
Create your own 9 (small) CA$ 15.49
Create your own 14 (large) CA$ 21.49
12 medium Veggie lovers CA$ 26.49
Regular breadsticks CA$ 6.89
2 Liter CA$ 4.79
Pizza Hut’s Most Popular Menu

Limited Time Offer

Pizza Hut offers Limited Time varieties create your own such as Flatbread, Mushroom, and veggies The prices for these items are listed below Pizza Hut Menu – 14” Large Pizzas

Limited Time Offer
Items Price 
Tropical Heat Melt CA$ 10.49
Mushroom Onion Alfredo Melt CA$ 10.49
Pepperoni Lovers Melt CA$ 10.49
Meat Lovers Melt CA$ 10.49
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Melt CA$ 10.49
Beyond Flatbread Italian Sauage Alfredo CA$ 9.19
Flatbread Italian Meat CA$ 9.19
Flatbread Veggie CA$ 9.19
Chicken Flatbread and Mushroom CA$ 9.19
Hawaiian Flatbread crown CA$ 9.19
Create your Own flatbread CA$ 9.19
Limited Time Offer

Pizza Hut Menu 14” Large Pizza:

Pizza Hut has large pizzas such as 14′′ Large BBQ chicken, 14′′ large Canadian, and 14′′ Large Chicken Caesar. The Hut Pizza menu has the following items with prices in Canada.

Pizza Hut Menu 14” Large Pizza
Items price 
14″ Large BBQ ChickenCA$ 31.79 
14″ Large CanadianCA$ 30.49 
14 Large Cheese Lover’sCA$ 30.49
14′′ Large Chicken CaesarCA$ 30.49 
14′′ Large Create Your OwnCA$ 21.50 
Large Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata, 14″CA$ 31.79 
14″ Hawaiian (Large)CA$ 30.49 
14 Large Meat LoversCA$ 31.79 
Large Pepperoni Lover’s 14″CA$ 31.79 
14″ Large Super Supreme LoverCA$ 32.79 
Supreme 14′′ Large LoverCA$ 31.79 
14′′ The Great “Beyond”CA$ 31.27 
Large Triple Crown 14″CA$ 30.49 
Large Veggie Lover’s 14″CA$ 30.49 
Large 14 Margherita CA$ 30.49
Pizza Hut Menu 14” Large Pizza

Pizza Hut Canada Menu – 12” Medium Pizzas:

Hut Pizza Canada On the menu, the medium-size pizzas are 12′′ medium BBQ chicken, 12′′ medium Canadian, 12′′ medium chicken Caesar, and 12′′ Medium Hawaiian.

Pizza Hut Canada Menu – 12” Medium Pizzas

These are discussed below with prices from this menu.

Items Price 
Create your own 12” (Medium) CA$ 19.19
Veggie lovers 12” (Medium)CA$ 26.49
Hawaiian 12” (Medium)CA$ 26.49
The Great Beyond 12” (Medium)CA$ 27.24
Pepperoni Lovers 12” (Medium)CA$ 28.19
Meat Lovers 12” (Medium)CA$ 28.19
Canadian 12” (Medium)CA$ 26.49
Supreme Lovers 12” (Medium)CA$ 28.
12” Medium chicken Caesar CA$ 26.49
12” Medium chicken lovers CA$ 28.19
Grilled Chicken arrabbiata CA$ 28.19
Margherita 12” (Medium)CA$ 26.49
Italian classic 12” (Medium)CA$ 28.19
Cheese lovers 12” (Medium)CA$ 26.49
BBQ Choickjen 12” (Medium)CA$ 28.19
12” medium triple crown CA$ 26.49
12” Medium supreme super lovers CA$ 29.19
Maple Bacon smokey 12” (Medium)CA$ 28.19
Rustico grilled chicken 12” (Medium)CA$ 26.49
Pizza Hut Canada Menu – 12” Medium Pizzas

Pizza Hut Menu Canada: 9” Small Pizzas:

These are the following small pizzas with prices in Canada:

Pizza Hut Menu Canada 9” Small Pizzas
Items Price 
Create your own 9” (Small) CA$ 15.49
Cheese lovers 9” (Small)CA$ 20.99
Hawaiian 9” (Small)CA$ 20.99
Pepperoni lovers 9” (Small)CA$ 22.19
Meat Lovers 9” (Small)CA$ 22.19
Veggie lovers 9” (Small)CA$ 20.99
9” Canadian (Small)CA$ 20.99
Supreme Lovers 9” (Small)CA$ 22.19
Chicken caesar 9” (Small)CA$ 20.99
Bbq Chicken 9” (Small)CA$ 22.19
Maple bacon monkey 9 (Small)CA$ 22.19
Rustico grilled chicken 9” (Small)CA$ 20.99
The Great Beyond 9” (Small)CA$ 21.24
Triple crown 9” (Small)CA$ 20.99
Supreme Super Lovers 9” (Small)CA$ 23.19
9 small chicken Lovers CA$ 22.19
Chicken Grilled Arrabbiata 9 (Small)CA$ 22.19
Margherita 9” (Small)CA$ 20.19
Italian classic 9” (Small)CA$ 22.19
Pizza Hut Menu Canada 9” Small Pizzas

Pizza Hut Menu Prices 6′′ Personal Pizzas:

This also has personal pizzas such as 6′′ Personal BBQ Chicken, 6′′ Canadian 6′′, and 6′′ Personal Chicken Caesar.

Pizza Hut Menu Prices 6′′ Personal Pizzas

Below, we discuss each item on this Pizza Hut menu.

Items Price 
Create your own 6” personal CA$ 6.49
Pepperoni Lovers 6” personal CA$ 9.49
Cheese lovers 6” personal CA$ 8.49
Hawaiian 6” personal CA$ 8.49
Meat lovers 6” personalCA$ 9.449
Veggie lovers 6b” personal CA$ 8.49
Canadain 6”; personal CA$ 8.49
Supreme Lovers 6” personal CA$ 9.49
Triple Crown 6” personal CA$ 8.49
Chicken caesar 6” personal CA$ 8.49
BBQ chicken 6 personal CA$ 9.49
Chicken Lovers 6” personal CA$ 9.49
Arrabbiata grilled chicken 6” personal CA$ 9.49
6” personal Margherita CA$ 8.49
Rustico Grilled chicken 6” personal CA$ 8.49
Classic Italian 6” personal CA$ 9.49
The Great Beyond 6” personal CA$ 8.79
Supreme super lovers 6” personal CA$ 9.99
Maple Bacon Smokey 6 personal CA$ 9.49
Pizza Hut Menu Prices 6′′ Personal Pizzas

Pizza Hut Prices – XL Panormous Pizzas:

Pizza Hut also has panorama sizes such as XL Panormous BBQ Chicken, XL Panormous CanadianXL, and  Panormous Chicken Caesar Pizzas.

Pizza Hut Prices – XL Panormous Pizzas

We discuss each item in this.

Create your own XL Panormous CA$ 22.79
Hawaiian XL PanormousCA$ 34.19
Pepperoni Lovers XL PanormousCA$ 36.49
Veggie Lovers XL PanormousCA$ 34.19
Cheese Lovers XL Panormous CA$ 34.19
Triple Crown XL Panormous CA$ 34.19
Chicken Caesar XL Panormous CA$ 34.19
BBQ Chicken XL Panormous CA$ 36.49
Chicken Lovers XL Panormous CA$ 36.49
Arrabbiata Griled Chicken XL Paronmous CA$ 34.19
The Great Beyond XL Panormous CA$ 34.87
Meat Lovers XL PAnormous CA$ 36.49
Canadian XL PAnormous CA$ 34.19
Supreme Lovers XL Panormous CA$ 36.49
Supreme Super Lovers XL PAnormous CA$ 37.49
Maple Bacon Smokey XL Panormpous CA$ 36.49
Margherita XL Panormous CA$ 34.49
Rustico Grilled Chicken XL Panormous CA$ 34.19
Classic Italian XL Panormous CA$ 36.49
Pizza Hut Prices – XL Panormous Pizzas

Menu Of Pizza Hut – Sides:

Pizza Hut also sells items such as Caesar Salad, Chicken Caesar Salad, Dips, Large Fries, Breadsticks, and Mozzarella Stick Pizzas.

Menu Of Pizza Hut – Sides

We discussed one item from this menu.

Breadsticks (Large) CA$ 10.49
Fries CA$ 6.59
Mozzarella sticks CA$ 13.99
Regular Breadsticks CA$ 6.89
Garlic Bread (Large)CA$ 8.99
Garlic Bread (Regular)CA$ 6.49
Dips CA$ CA$ 1.39
Pull parts Cheesy 9.49
Onion Rings CA$ 7.99
Chicken caesar salad CA$ 10.19
Caesar salad CA$ 7.79
Menu Of Pizza Hut – Sides

Pizza Hut’s Wings Menu:

Pizza Hut’s Wings menu is below.

Pizza Hut's Wings Menu
Boneless BitesC$ 13.79
TraditionalC$ 14.79
Pizza Hut’s Wings Menu

Pizza Hut Canada’s Pasta Prices

Pizza Hut Canada has Pasta items such as Family Beyond Creamy, Alfredo Family Meaty Marinara, and Family Mediterranean con Pollo. These items are available to you and your family at a reasonable price.

Pizza Hut Canada's Pasta Prices

Now, we discuss each item on this menu.

Large Mediterranean Vegetable CA$ 19.79
Regular Mediterranean vegetable CA$ 12.59
Large Mediterranean con Pollo CA$ 22.29
Family Mediterranean con PolloCA$ 20.49
Vegetable Family MediterraneanCA$ 17.99
Regular Beyond Creamy AlfredoCA$ 12.59 
Regular Creamy Chicken AlfredoCA$ 14.09 
Meaty Marinara (Regular)CA$ 14.09 
Mediterranean with Pollo (Regular)CA$ 14.09
Typical Mediterranean VeggieCA$ 10.99
Pizza Hut Canada’s Pasta Prices

Menu Pizza Hut – Dessert

Pizza Hut desserts have such varieties as The Ultimate Hershey’s Chipits Cookie, Half Baked, and Cinnabon Mini Rolls Pizzas.

Menu Pizza Hut – Dessert

Hence, we discuss each item from the Pizza Hut dessert.

The Ultimate Hershey’s Chipits CookieCA$ 9.49 
S’more PleaseCA$ 10.34 
Hershey’s Chipits Triple Chocolate BrownieCA$ 9.99
Half BakedCA$ 10.34 
Cinnabon Mini RollsCA$ 9.99 
Chocolate Fudge BrownieCA$ 10.34
Dough for Chocolate Chip CookiesCA$ 10.34
Menu Pizza Hut – Dessert

Pizza Hut Deals – Drinks

There are the following Pizza Hut deals with price.

Pizza Hut Deals – Drinks
Items Price
CanCA$ 2.59
591ml BottleCA$ 3.89
2 LiterCA$ 4.79
Pizza Hut Deals – Drinks

Does Pizza Hut offers Breakfast Menu?

Although Pizza Hut does not have a dedicated breakfast menu in Canada, they do have some tasty breakfast options, such as

Sticks of Cinnamon: Dough with a sweet cinnamon flavour that is served with icing on the side for dipping.
Crackers: A portion of tender, luscious crackers.Pasta dishes from Tuscany, like Creamy Chicken Alfredo and Meaty marinara,
Pizza Hut Salads: A side of crisp, freshly made salad, such as a garden fresh or Caesar.
Wings: An assortment of mild or spicy wings. Remember that not every Pizza Hut serves breakfast and that each location may have different menu items available.

Some of Pizza Hut Canada’s most popular menu items are:

  • Pizza Lovers: A pizza featuring double cheese and pepperoni.
  • Pizza Meat Lovers: A pizza topped with beef, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, and pepperoni.
  • The Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza consists of cheeses like cheddar, provolone, and mozzarella.
  • Pizza with chicken, red onions, green peppers, and BBQ sauce is called a BBQ chicken pizza.
  • P’ZONE: A pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni calzone-style dish.

It is beneficial to remember that Pizza Hut Canada’s menu might change based on the location, so some of their locations might not have certain items.

Pizza Hut’s Brief History in Canada:

Dan and Frank Carney, brothers from Wichita, Kansas, started Pizza Hut in 1958. When a buddy recommended creating a pizza parlour–a rarity at the time–they thought that the idea had potential, and they borrowed $600 from their mother to get started with partner John Bender. A year later, in 1959, Pizza Hut was founded in Kansas, and Dick Hassur built the first franchise location in Topeka, Kansas. 

When the number of Pizza Hut franchisee units reached 145 in 1966, a home office was formed in Wichita to oversee the operations. The first Pizza Hut franchise in Canada launched two years later. They began with a wonderful marketing strategy – free products – giving out pizza on the first night to encourage consumers. They built a second business six months later, and a year later, they had six restaurants, prompting them to explore franchising.

Pizza Hut’s Expensive Items:

The XL Panormous Super Supreme Lover’s, priced at CAN$ 34.49, is the most expensive item on the Pizza Hut menu.

Pizza Hut’s Cheapest Item:

Regular Garlic Bread is the lowest item on the Pizza Hut menu, costing CANS$ 4.99.

Pizza Hut’s Branches:

Pizza Hut’s restaurant styles provide you with services of eating in their dine-in restaurants in various locations, Delivery options like picking up from the restaurant, and different outside delivery methods.

In Canada, there are 562 Pizza Hut locations. Ontario has the most Pizza Hut locations in Canada, with 261 restaurants, accounting for approximately 46% of all Pizza Hut locations in Canada.

Cities having the most Pizza Hut locations in Canada:

  • Toronto with 24 locations.    
  • Vancouver has 08 locations.    
  •  Pizza Hut Winnipeg has 08 locations.    
  • Mississauga has 08 locations.    
  • Pizza Hut Calgary with 20 locations.                      
  • Ottawa with 06 locations.    
  • Edmonton has 18 locations.    
  • Montreal with 12 locations. 
  • Scarborough with 09 locations.    
  • London with 09 locations.    

Pizza Hut’s No of Employees and Environment:

Pizza Hut is dedicated to ground-breaking innovation and the success of our workers. This is a fantastic place to work. It is significant for a fast-food chain that has 470 employees in Canada. So come explore what it’s like to work with a worldwide restaurant industry leader. You’ll discover a fun, fast-paced, and supportive atmosphere where our success stems from our conviction in people and investing in you is our first priority. It is the 4th best Fast food chain in Canada.

Do visit here

Pizza Hut Deals & Pizza Hut Coupons:

Pizza Hut also provides Hot Deals. It is continually coming up with fresh bargains and incentives to keep its loyal customers coming back. These deals include

  • $5 $5 $5 (CA$ 5)
  • 2 for $4 (CA$ 4)
  • My Box (CA$ 10.99)
  • Large Favourite Meal (CA$ 17.99)
  • My Box 2 (CA$ 19.99)
  • Triple Treat Box (CA$38.99)
  • Pizza of the Day Hawaiian (CA$ 10.99)
  • Two Medium Pizzas Deal (CA$ 27.99)
  • Game Night Meal (CA$ 38.99)
  • Cheesy Pull – Aparts
  • Wings & Things (CA$ 19.99)
  • Triple Pizza Box (CA$ 37.99)
  • Buy 1 Get 2nd Pizza 50% Off
  • Mix & Match
  • 1 Medium 2 Toppings + 8 Boneless Bites

How to locate Pizza Hut near me?

Currently, there are around 562 Pizza Hut locations in Canada. As a result, identifying any specific branch near your location is fairly straightforward. You can get access to it by:

  • Google
  • Google Maps
  • Scrape Hero
  • Chain XY
  • Pizza Hut App

Pizza Hut Working Hours in Canada:

Pizza Hut branches in Canada operate in a specific time frame in a day. This time frame usually differs with the location of Pizza Hut branches in Canada. However, this fast food restaurant normally does not operate 24/7 a week. Most of the branches follow a specific time period that is mentioned in the tables below.

Week DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM01:00 AM
Saturday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM11:00 PM
Pizza Hut Working Hours in Canada

How to order Online from Pizza Hut in Canada?

Pizza Hut’s official website and mobile app allow you to order anything from its menu in Canada. For this purpose, you have to enter your Delivery Address and then click on “Find my Nearest Hut” to see which Pizza Hut restaurant is operating near your location. Then, you will get to know about the menu and exciting deals going on in that particular Hut. Here you can select the item and its quantity for delivery to your doorstep.

Besides its official website and app, there are different delivery options that you can avail in Canada for ordering food from Pizza Hut restaurant.

  • Serve Robotics (in Vancouver and British Columbia)
  • UberEats
  • DoorDash
  • Beyond Meat
  • GrubHub

Pizza Hut’s Awards:

Pizza Hut is also well-known for its unique pizza. It developed (or popularized) the pan pizza and the filled crust pizza. Excellent customer service, high-quality pizza, and a variety of novelties aided the brand’s rise to global prominence. Here are some of the most recent honours Pizza Hut has received, which have contributed to our reputation as the finest place to eat and work.


Pizza Hut Alternatives in Canada:

FAQs about Pizza Hut’s Canada Menu:

Q. What is the minimum age to work at Pizza Hut?

To work at one of our Pizza Hut restaurants, you must be at least 16 years old.

Q. Where can I receive Pizza Hut coupons?

Become an insider to get the greatest prices. To learn about special deals, ‘Like’ Pizza Hut Canada on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Every three weeks, our Facebook Deals area includes an exclusive discount available only to Facebook fans who like our page.

Q. Is there any current Pizza Hut promotion?

Pizza Hut Canada is always running discounts to provide you with the best value.

Q. What chances are accessible at the store level at Pizza Hut?

To mention a few, Pizza Hut is proud to offer several in-store possibilities such as Servers, Cooks, Dough Masters, Shift Managers, Assistant Managers, and Managers. 

Is Wi-Fi available at your Pizza Hut locations?

Our guests may use free Wi-Fi at many of our sites. Please contact your local store to confirm whether or not they have Wi-Fi.

Q. Which menu items are vegetarian?

Pizza Hut is happy to offer a wide range of vegetarian menu options, including portions of pasta, create-your-own pizzas, signature pizzas, and breadsticks.

Q. What payment methods are offered by Internet Ordering?

When using the Internet Ordering system, you have the option of paying using Cash, Credit, or Debit. All of these payment options are available at the door (if delivery) and in-store when carrying out. 

Q. How can I apply for a position at the store level?

To apply for a store level position, please visit your local Pizza Hut with your most recent résumé.

Q. How can I get in touch with Pizza Hut?

Using our restaurant locator, you may call on Pizza Hut phone number at one of our locations immediately. Alternatively, you may contact the appropriate persons who can assist you with your query by completing our web form.

Q. Is there a Pizza Hut restaurant nearby?

Using our helpful restaurant locator, you may discover the restaurant that is most convenient for you.

Q. Is there any kind of training available?

When applying for a job at the store level, please ask the store manager for more information.

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