Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada 2024 – Latest menu with prices 

Shoeless Joe’s is a well-known chain of restaurants and bars with a sports theme introduced in 1985. The concept behind Shoeless Joe’s was to establish a venue where sports fans could come together, and take in the lively moment. “Showless Joe’s” is a tribute to the legendary baseball player Shoeless Joe’s Jackson. Since its introduction, the brand expanded itself in various cities in Canada. Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada offers a variety of dishes including classic pub fare, burgers, and signature items inspired by various sports cultures.

Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada

Popular Items 

Food Items Prices 
Mountain Stacked NachosCA$ 23.10
Chicken Cordon BleuCA$ 25.30
Joe’s Famous Chicken WingsCA$ 19.80
Spinach Artichoke and Goat Cheese DipCA$ 17.60
Chicken Tendies Crispy Buttermilk CA$ 20.90 
Calamari CA$ 18.70 
Philly CheesesteakCA$ 20.90
Maple Bacon and Cheddar BurgerCA$ 20.90
Fish and Chips CA$ 29.70
4 Pop Cans CA$ 4.99 
Popular Items 

Starters and Shareables

Food Items Prices 
Mountain Stacked NachosCA$ 23.10
Famous Joe’s Chicken WingsCA$ 19.80
Calamari CA$ 18.70
Spinach Artichoke and Goat Cheese DipCA$ 17.60
French Onion DipCA$ 16.50
Buffalo CauliflowerCA$ 18.70
Supreme Cheese FriesCA$ 17.60
Big Bang ShrimpCA$ 17.60
Deep Fried PicklesCA$ 15.40
Sweet and Spicy Chicken BitesCA$ 18.70
Nashville Chicken SlidersCA$ 17.60
Buffalo Chicken PoutineCA$ 18.70
Garlic Dill Pickle FriesCA$ 17.60
Starters and Shareables


Food Items Prices 
Buffalo ChickenCA$ 19.80
BruschettaCA$ 17.60
Spicy BruschettaCA$ 18.70
Honeybee StingerCA$ 18.70
Shrimp Scampi and Pesto AlfredoCA$ 19.80

Burgers & Handhelds

Food Items Prices 
Maple Bacon and Cheddar BurgerCA$ 20.90
Truffle Mushroom BurgerCA$ 20.90
Philly CheesesteakCA$ 20.90
Loaded QuesadillaCA$ 20.90
Angry Joe BurgerCA$ 22.00
Souvlaki Chicken WrapCA$ 20.90
Joe’s TacosCA$ 20.90
Classic BurgerCA$ 18.70
G.O.A.T. Garden BurgerCA$ 19.80
Chicken Grilled Club SandwichCA$ 22.00
Crispy Stacked Chicken ClubCA$ 22.00
Buffalo Chicken WrapCA$ 20.90
Burgers & Handhelds

Powerbowls & Salads

Food Items Prices 
Roasted Beef and Goat CheeseCA$ 20.90
Souvlaki Chicken BowlCA$ 22.00
Caesar Salad and Garlic Parm CroutonsCA$ 16.50
Strawberry and Crispy Boursin SaladCA$ 20.90
Steak Taco BowlCA$ 22.00
Spicy Crispy Salmon BowlCA$ 26.40
Powerbowls & Salads


Food Items Prices 
Steak FritesCA$ 41.80
Smokey Mac and CheeseCA$ 24.20
Baby Joe’s Back Ribs ComboCA$ 34.10
Fish & ChipsCA$ 29.70
Loaded Cheese TortelloniCA$ 20.90
Chicken Cordon BleuCA$ 25.30
Ranch Maple Bacon TendiesCA$ 24.20
Buttermilk Crispy Chicken TendiesCA$ 20.90
Shrimp Crispy Noodle BowlCA$ 23.10
Baby Joe’s Back RibsCA$ 26.40
Pesto Alfredo ChickenCA$ 24.20


Food Items Prices 
Ultimate Cookie CA$ 8.80
Caramel Vanilla Salted CakeCA$ 11.000
Funnel Cake FriesCA$ 11.000
Cheesecake XangoCA$ 9.90


Food Items Prices 
Kids Burger CA$ 11.000
Kids Pizza CA$ 9.90 
Kids Popcorn Chicken CA$ 11.000
Kids Fish ‘n Chips CA$ 12.10
Kids Pasta CA$ 9.90 

Side Hustle

Food Items Prices 
PoutineCA$ 11.00
Supreme Cheese FriesCA$ 11.00
FriesCA$ 3.30
Mashed PotatoesCA$ 4.40
Field of Greens SaladCA$ 7.70
Starter Caesar SaladCA$ 7.70
Lattice FriesCA$ 4.40
Sweet Potato FriesCA$ 4.40
Cilantro Lime RiceCA$ 4.40
Jasmine RiceCA$ 4.40
Garlic Dill Pickle FriesCA$ 11.00
Seasonal VegetablesCA$ 4.40
Garlic Parm Lattice FriesCA$ 11.00
Side Hustle

Sauces & Dips

Food items Prices 
Garlic Dill | 260 CalCA$ 2.00
Jameson BBQ | 150 CalsCA$ 2.00
Creamy Buffalo Dill | 240 CalsCA$ 2.00
Suicide | 40 CalsCA$ 2.00
Sweet Chilli Heat | 40 CalsCA$ 2.00
Mango Jalapeno BBQ | 90 CalsCA$ 2.00
Honey Garlic | 180 CalsCA$ 2.00
Joe’s Famous Buffalo Butter | 210 CalsCA$ 2.00
Dill Pickle Seasoning } 30 CalsCA$ 2.00
Stockton Salt & Black Pepper | 20 CalsCA$ 2.00
City of Angels | 25 CalsCA$ 2.00
Nashville Hot | 60 CalsCA$ 2.00
Hot | 30 CalsCA$ 2.00
BBQ Mild | 90 CalsCA$ 2.00
Hot & Honey Buffalo Butter | 140 CalsCA$ 2.00
2.00Blue Cheese | 300 CalsCA$ 2.00 
Ranch | 210 CalsCA$ 2.00
Sauces & Dips


Food items Prices 
Can of PopCA$ 00.00
4 Cans of PopCA$ 4.99
Bottle of DasaniCA$ 3.84

Working hours of Shoeless Joe’s in Canada 

Monday 11:00 am – 9:40 pm 
Tuesday 11:00 am – 9:40 pm 
Wednesday 11:00 am – 9:40 pm 
Thursday 11:00 am – 10:40 pm 
Friday 11:00 am – 12:40 pm 
Saturday 11:00 am – 12:40 pm 
Sunday 11:00 am – 9:40 pm 
Working hours of Shoeless Joe’s in Canada 

Shoeless Joe’s History in Canada:

Shoeless Joe’s is a famous restaurant in Canada, established in Toronto, Ontario in 1985. The brand was established by a group of sports enthusiasts who wanted to create a unique dining experience. The founders of the brand aimed to capture the spirits of Jo Jackson’s ( famous basketball player) love for the game and his iconic status in sports history.

Soon, Shoeless Joe’s expanded its reach all over Canada. The restaurant quickly became a popular destination for sports fans to gather and enjoy great food while watching their favorite games on multiple large-screen TVs. The chain’s commitment to providing to providing a a varied menu that suited a range of tastes and preferences drove its expansion. The menu included traditional pub fare like wings, nachos, and burgers to unique signature dishes inspired by different sports cultures. 

Throughout its history, Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada has maintained its commitment to community involvement and giving back.

How do order can be made through Shoeless Joe’s online?

If you want to make an order through Shoeless Joe’s online, these are the simple steps that you can follow. 

  • First, visit the official website of Shoeless Joe’s “ ” by using your preferred browser like Chrome, Bing, or Yahoo. 
  • After entering your details, locate the “Order Online” or “Menu” option from the main page that directs you to the online order section.
  • Then explore the menu options available for online ordering. You can find the details and description of the ingredients for each item. 
  • Once you choose the food items of your choice, add it to the cart. It has also a customize button over there, in case you want to add some extra toppings or add more spices. Make sure once again that you ordered the right food items of your choice. 
  • Then choose the nearest Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada branch to proceed with your order. 
  • Now enter the delivery details and selection option of dine-in from the restaurant or pick-up from the location. 
  • Choose the payment method such as “debit card”, “credit card”, or cash on delivery according to your ease. 
  • And review once again by confirming the items you ordered, delivery details, and total cost and just click the “Place Order” button. 
  • After placing your order, you can track your order by entering “OTP” or the “Order Number” sent to you in your email.

Shoeless Joe’s near me:

Currently, there are more than 30 branches of Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada are operating in Canada. So, locating any specific branch near your area is not a big deal. 

  1. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the popular search engines to locate the branch of Shoeless Joe’s.
  2. Simply enter “Shoeless Joe’s near me” in the search bar. 
  3. You can now see a list of Shoeless Joe’s restaurants near you. 
  4. You can now for the map options in the search results. With the help of pins or markers, this map can direct you to the exact location of the Shoeless Joe’s outlet. 
  5. If you want to visit the restaurant in person, simply click on any restaurant on the searched results to get more information about the restaurant including its opening and closing time, menu, and prices as well as map guidelines to get there. 

Fun Facts about Shoeless Joe’s

  1. Shoeless Joe’s is known for its game-day specials, where customers can play different sports and get discounts and offers. 
  2. Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada has a large collection of sports memorabilia, which makes it stand out from other restaurants. This section offers autographed jerseys, photos, and other sports-related goods. 
  3. Shoeless Joe’s host’s weekly wing nights, where customers can get discounts on their favorite wings. 
  4. The brand often runs promotions where kids can eat for free with the purchase of an adult meal. 

Aletrnatives of Shoeless Joe’s in Canada

FAQS about Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada

What are the operating hours of Shoeless Joe’s Restaurant?

Operating hours depend upon the location. If you want to attend specifically the branch of Shoeless Joe’s, it is recommended to check the official website or contact the specific person in the restaurant.

Does Shoeless Joe’s take reservations?

Shoeless Joe’s accepts reservations for larger reservations or special occasions. It is recommended to contact the specific restaurant you wish to visit personally for the policies about reservations.

Does Shoeless Joe’s offer gluten-free products?

Shoeless Joe’s provides gluten-free products on their menu. However, it is important to inform staff about any dietary restrictions or allergies to ensure proper accommodations are made.

Does Shoeless Joe’s offer delivery services?

Yes, Shoeless Joe’s  offers online ordering and delivery services through their website or third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats or Doordash. Customers can enjoy their favorite meals from Shoeless Joes menu prices Canada delivered to their doorstep.

Are there any special promotions or loyalty programs available at Shoeless Joe’s?

Yes, Shoeless Joe’s frequently offers promotions and loyalty programs for their customers. These can include special deals on specific days, happy hour offers, or loyalty rewards for visitors. 

Is Shoeless Joe’s a sports bar?

Yes, Shoeless Joe’s is known for its sports-themed atmosphere, featuring multiple large-screen TVs showing live sporting games. 

Does Shoeless Joe’s have a dress code?

Shoeless Joe’s has a casual dress code. However, it is best to dress comfortably and appropriately for a sports-themed environment. 

Does Shoeless Joe’s have a specific age restriction?

Shoeless Joe’s is open to people of all ages. However, some locations may have an age restriction policy regarding the availability of Alcohol.

Does Shoeless Joe’s offer live entertainment?

Some locations of Shoeless Joe’s may host live entertainment events. You can contact the specific restaurant or check their events calendar for upcoming events. 

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