Royal Paan Menu Prices Canada- Latest Menu with Prices

Royal Paan is a well-known network of Indian dessert and street food restaurants across Canada. Royal Paan menu prices Canada are discussed in this blog. This restaurant has grown in popularity as a place for people looking for real and delicious Indian sweets, with a focus on introducing Indian flavors and customs to Canadian communities.

Royal Paan Menu with Prices in Canada:

Popular Items

Food items Prices 
Paneer Kathi RollCAN$ 10.00
Royal FaloodaCAN$ 7.00
Bombay Vada Pav (2 Pieces)CAN$ 8.00
Noodle BurgerCAN$ 10.00
Samosa ChaatCAN$ 9.00
Masala FriesCAN$ 7.00
Royal Kulfi FaloodaCAN$ 10.00
Delhi Chaat PapdiCAN$ 9.00
Bombay BurgerCAN$ 7.00
Dahi Kachori PuriCAN$ 9.00
Popular Items

Royal Paan Street Food Bar Menu

Food items Prices 
Bombay Vada Pav (2 Pieces)CAN$ 8.00
Bombay BurgerCAN$ 7.00
Masala FriesCAN$ 10.00
Aloo tikki wrapCAN$ 7.00
noodle burgerCAN$ 10.00
Paneer BurgerCAN$ 8.00
Pav bhajiCAN$ 10.00
Kutchi DabeliCAN$ 6.00
Royal Paan Street Food Bar Menu

Royal Paan Sandwiches Bar

Food itemsPrices 
Paneer Kathi RollCAN$ 10.00
Bombay grill sandwichCAN$ 10.00
Paneer SandwichCAN$ 8.00
Jam SandwichCAN$ 6.00
Grilled CheeseCAN$ 6.00
Bombay ChutneyCAN$ 8.00
Royal Paan Sandwiches Bar

Royal Paan Chaats Bar Menu

The pricing details of items in the Chaats bar menu are available at Royal Paan Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Samosa ChaatCAN$ 9.00
Pani PuriCAN$ 9.00
Dahi Kachori PuriCAN$ 9.00
Sev Batata PuriCAN$ 9.00
Delhi Chaat PapdiCAN$ 9.00
Bhel PuriCAN$ 8.00
Aloo Tikki ChaatCAN$ 9.00
Royal Paan Chaats Bar Menu

Royal Paan In-Store Specials

The pricing details of items in the In store special menu are available at Royal Paan Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Noodle BurgerCAN$ 10.00
Aloo Tikki WrapCAN$ 10.00
Gulab Jamun with RabriCAN$ 7.00
Hot Aloo ChaatCAN$ 8.00
Dahi BhallaCAN$ 9.00
Royal Paan In-Store Specials

Royal Paan “The Paan Bar” Menu

The pricing details of items in the Paan Bar menu are available at Royal Paan Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Calcutta Mitha PaanCAN$ 3.00
Kashmiri Mitha PaanCAN$ 4.00
Milan Mitha MasalaCAN$ 4.00
custom special meetha paanCAN$ 4.00
Bombay Sada KhushbuCAN$ 3.00
Zafrani Zarda PaanCAN$ 3.50
Navrattan Sada PaanCAN$ 3.50
Navrattan Zarda PaanCAN$ 4.00
Lahori Mix Patti PaanCAN$ 3.50
Chocolate Dry Fruit PaanCAN$ 5.00
Fruit Flavored PaansCAN$ 4.00
Gulabi Mogra MasalaCAN$ 4.00
Royal Paan “The Paan Bar” Menu

Royal Paan Milk Bar Menu

The Milk Bar menu items’ pricing details are available at Royal Paan Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Royal FaloodaCAN$ 7.00
Royal Kulfi FaloodaCAN$ 10.00
Royal LassiCAN$ 6.00
Tilli Wali KulfiCAN$ 4.00
Masala ChaiCAN$ 4.00
Soft Serve Ice CreamCAN$ 4.00
Royal Kashmiri ChaiCAN$ 5.00
Royal ShakeCAN$ 7.00
Royal Paan Milk Bar Menu

Royal Paan Beverages Bar

The pricing details of items in the Beverages Bar menu are available at Royal Paan Menu Prices Canada. 

Food items Prices 
Fresh LemonadeCAN$ 5.00
Energy DrinkCAN$ 4.00
Masala SodaCAN$ 5.00
Canned SodaCAN$ 2.00
WaterCAN$ 2.00
Royal Paan Beverages Bar

Royal Paan History & Branches in Canada:

Royal Paan Canada has a rich history that spans over two decades, beginning in the early 2000s. The beginning of Royal Paan’s life in Mississauga, ON, the first Royal Paan store opened its doors in 2003. It began as a little project to introduce the real Indian flavors to Canadians. 

In 2005, Royal Paan opened its stores in Brampton and Scarborough. In 2010, it expanded its reach and opened many stores in different cities like Toronto, Ottawa, and Edmonton allowing more people to indulge in the delightful flavors of Indian street food. 

In 2016, Royal Paan gained more popularity and a loyal following and became a go-to destination for Indian desserts and street food. The brand actively interacted with the local community through a variety of programs and participation in festivals and cultural events. 

In 2018, Royal Paan was established in major Canadians like Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal. In 2020, the brand faced many hardships and challenges due to the global pandemic. However, the brand proved stable towards the shifting condition. Currently, more than 25 branches of Royal Paan are operating in different cities of Canada. 

Fun Facts about Paan Bar Restaurant:

  1. Royal Paan offers “Paan of the Month” that features unique flavors and combinations.
  2. Royal Paan offers a loyalty program called “Royal Rewards” in which customers can earn points for every purchase they make and in return, can get discounts and vouchers.
  3. Royal Paan has special discount offers for students.

How do order can be made from Royal Paan online?

You can order online from the Royal Paan just by following these simple steps.

  • Visit the official website of Royal Paan Canada.
  • You can choose your desired location from the available options. This will ensure that you are ordering from the nearest Royal Paan outlet to you. 
  • Now you can browse through the menu option. There, you can see a wide range of paans, street food, and other treats offered by Royal Paan. 
  • Now click the “Order Online” button. 
  • Select the items of your choice. Once you have selected the items you want, Add them to the cart.
  • You can also customize the order by adding toppings or adding some extra spices.
  • Before proceeding to checkout, kindly make sure that the items you ordered are correct by reviewing them once again and clicking “Proceed to checkout”.
  • Now enter your delivery or pickup details, name, contact number, and address.
  • Now enter the details of your debit card, credit card, or cash on delivery according to your ease. 
  • You will get an “Order Number” in your email through which you can track your order.
Royal Paan favorite item

Uber Eats:

Uber Eats has teamed up with Royal Paan.  You can browse through the menu, order items of your choice online through Uber Eats, and get them delivered to your desired location.


You can also order online through a famous delivery platform “Doordash”, just browse through the menu, order food items the ones you crave online, and get your order at the desired location. 


SkipTheDishes is a famous delivery platform. It has teamed up with Royal Paan Canada. You can order online through this platform and get your food items at your location.

How to locate Royal Paan near me in Canada?

Currently, more than branches of Royal Paan are operating in Canada. So, if you want to locate any particular branch near your location, here are the simple steps that you can follow.

  • There are plenty of online platforms that can help you to locate the Royal Paan’s nearest branch to your location but if you want to visit the official website, this might get you to the precise location of the branch and its address.
  • Doordash and Uber Eats can help you to the exact location of the Royal Paan’s branch.
  • You can also search on Google Maps by enabling your location. 
  • In addition, if you want to check for the working hours, menu, and prices, these sites will get you to the desired results.

Working Hours of Royal Paan in Canada

WeekdayWorking Hours
Monday 10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Tuesday 10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Wednesday 10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Thursday 10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Friday10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Saturday 10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Sunday 10:00 am – 11:39 pm  
Working Hours of Royal Paan in Canada

Alternatives to Royal Paan restaurant in Canada:

If you are looking for an alternative to Royal Paan Canada, here are some famous options you may consider.

These are just a few examples, and there are many other local Paan shops and Restaurants that offer unique and flavored Paans. It’s always worth exploring your local Paan cafe establishments that may provide a different experience of having Paan and Indian desi treats. 

FAQs about Royal Paan menu prices Canada:

What is Royal Paan Canada?

Royal Paan Canada is a popular chain of Indian street food and paan shops known for their wide variety of paans, chaats, and other delicious treats. 

Where is the Royal Paan Canada location?

Royal Paan Canada has multiple locations across different cities in Canada. Some of the famous branches are operating in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto, Markham, Kitchener, and Windsor.

What types of paans does Royal Paan Canada offer?

Royal Paan Canada offers a diverse range of paans, including traditional meetha paan, sada paan, Chocolate paan, strawberry paan, and many more and you can check them on the Royal Paan menu prices Canada blog above.

Can I customize fillings and flavors in my paan?

Yes, Royal Paan Canada often allows customers to customize their paans by choosing from a variety of fillings, flavors, and toppings, giving you the opportunity to create a personalized experience. 

What payment methods are accepted at Royal Paan Canada?

Royal Paan Canada typically accepts various payment methods including cash, debit cards, credit cards, and sometimes mobile payment options. 

Can I order Royal Paan Canada through food delivery platforms like Uber Eats or Doordash?

Royal Paan Canada has teamed up with famous food delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Doordash. You can visit their platform by entering your location and ordering food items online.

What other food items does Royal Paan Canada serve besides Paans?

In addition to Paans, Royal Paan Canada serves a variety of other Indian street food items like chaats, samosas, vada pav, dosas, and many more.


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