McDonald’s Menu Victoria with Prices In 2024

If you want to know what’s on the McDonald’s menu, you’re in the right spot! We’ve got the details for the McDonald’s menu in Victoria, including prices. We gathered the information specifically for the McDonald’s located at 980 Pandora Avenue Victoria. British Columbia is the 3rd biggest province in Canada, and it has about 5.2 million people. There are 183 McDonald’s restaurants in British Columbia, each serving around 27.43k people.

Take a look at the McDonald’s menu Victoria below for 2024. Keep in mind that prices and the available items can change due to special offers. All data is taken from DoorDash from the specific branch the official delivery partner for McDonald’s in Canada. So, go ahead and find your favorite McDonald’s food based on what you like.

List of McDonald’s Menu Victoria Canada

  • Popular items 
  • Bundles and Sharing
  • Burger Meals
  • Chicken & Fish
  • All Day Breakfast
  • Happy Meals
  • Hot Drinks
  • Cold Drinks
  • Bakery
  • Sweets & Treats
  • Snacks & Sides
  • Condiments
  • Individual Items 
McDonald's Menu Victoria

Popular items 

World Famous Fries240.0 calCAN$ 3.09
Junior Chicken380.0 calCAN$ 3.95
McDouble380.0 calCAN$ 4.07
10 Chicken McNuggets490-630 calCAN$ 11.49
Double Cheeseburger420.0 calCAN$ 5.19
6 Chicken McNuggets290-360 calCAN$ 7.99
Big Mac Extra Value Meal710-1140 calCAN$ 14.59
Poutine870.0 calCAN$ 6.19
Double Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal560-990 calCAN$ 11.39
10 McNuggets Extra Value Meal840-1190 calCAN$ 17.59

Bundles and Sharing

Late Night Bundle (Serves 4)3500-3710 calCAN$ 47.48
Bundles and Sharing

Burger Meals

Big Mac Extra Value Meal710-1140 calCAN$ 14.59
Double Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal560-990 calCAN$ 11.39
Double Big Mac Extra Value Meal870-1300 calCAN$ 15.99
Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal670-1100 calCAN$ 15.69
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese Extra Value Meal890-1320 calCAN$ 17.89
Quarter Pounder BLT Extra Value Meal750-1180 calCAN$ 16.29
Quarter Pounder without Cheese Extra Value Meal570-1000 calCAN$ 15.19
Double Quarter Pounder BLT Extra Value Meal990-1430 calCAN$ 18.39
Big Mac (No Meat) Extra Value Meal540-970 calCAN$ 12.29
Double Quarter Pounder without Cheese Extra Value Meal790-1220 calCAN$ 17.09

Chicken & Fish

10 McNuggets Extra Value Meal840-1190 calCAN$ 17.59
Double Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal710-1140 calCAN$ 15.99
Spicy Habanero McChicken Extra Value Meal610-1040 calCAN$ 14.59
McCrispy Extra Value Meal870-1080 calCAN$ 14.69
6 McNuggets Extra Value Meal640-920 calCAN$ 14.39
Bacon Deluxe McCrispy Extra Value Meal940-1150 calCAN$ 16.79
Filet-O-Fish Extra Value Meal540-970 calCAN$ 14.29
McChicken Extra Value Meal620-1052 calCAN$ 14.39
Spicy Bacon Deluxe McCrispy Extra Value Meal930-1140 calCAN$ 16.79
Spicy McCrispy Extra Value Meal860-1070 calCAN$ 15.29
Bacon Hot Honey McCrispy Extra Value Meal970-1180 calCAN$ 16.63
Hot Honey McCrispy Extra Value Meal910-1120 calCAN$ 15.19
Chicken & Fish McDonald’s menu Victoria

All Day Breakfast

Sausage ‘N Egg McMuffin Extra Value Meal590.0 calCAN$ 9.69
Sausage ‘N Egg McMuffin430.0 calCAN$ 5.99
Egg McMuffin290.0 calCAN$ 5.59
Sausage McMuffin370.0 calCAN$ 3.49
Bacon ‘N Egg McMuffin310.0 calCAN$ 5.39
Egg BLT McMuffin Extra Value Meal710-810 calCAN$ 10.19
Hotcakes & Bacon670.0 calCAN$ 6.49
Hotcakes350.0 calCAN$ 5.29
Egg BLT McMuffin360.0 calCAN$ 5.79
Egg McMuffin Extra Value Meal450.0 calCAN$ 9.39
Hotcakes Extra Value Meal760.0 calCAN$ 9.49
Hotcakes & Sausage760.0 calCAN$ 6.59
Hotcakes & Bacon Extra Value Meal830.0 calCAN$ 9.69
Bacon ‘N Egg McMuffin Extra Value Meal470.0 calCAN$ 7.59
Sausage McMuffin Extra Value Meal613.0 calCAN$ 8.29
Hotcakes & Sausage Extra Value Meal920.0 calCAN$ 10.79

Happy Meals

Happy Meal Cheeseburger with Small Fries560-670 calCAN$ 6.03
Happy Meal Cheeseburger with Mini Fries440-550 calCAN$ 6.03
Happy Meal Hotcakes with Small Fries820-930 calCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meal Hamburger with Small Fries510-620 calCAN$ 5.43
Happy Meal 4 McNuggets with Mini Fries360-540 calCAN$ 6.51
Happy Meal 4 McNuggets with Small Fries480-660 calCAN$ 6.51
Happy Meal Hamburger with Cantaloupe Chunks310-420 calCAN$ 5.43
Happy Meal Hamburger with Mini Fry390-500 calCAN$ 5.43
Happy Meal Cheeseburger with Cantaloupe Chunks360-470 calCAN$ 6.03
Happy Meal 4 McNuggets with Cantaloupe Chunks280-460 calCAN$ 6.51
Happy Meal Hotcakes with Cantaloupe Chunks620-730 calCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meal Hotcakes with Mini Fry700-810 calCAN$ 5.79
Happy Meals McDonald’s menu Victoria

Hot Drinks

Premium Roast Coffee3.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Hot Chocolate (2% Milk)250.0 calCAN$ 3.47
Orange Pekoe Tea0.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Earl Grey Tea0.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Pumpkin Spice Latte (2% Milk)220.0 calCAN$ 3.95
Caramel Latte (2% Milk)190.0 calCAN$ 4.09
Cappuccino (2% Milk)80.0 calCAN$ 4.09
Premium Roast Decaf Coffee0.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Green Tea0.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Peppermint Tea0.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Premium Roast Coffee Carafe (Serves 12)720-760 calCAN$ 19.59
Latte (2% Milk)130.0 calCAN$ 4.09
French Vanilla Latte (2% Milk)180.0 calCAN$ 4.09
Latte with sugar-free syrup (2% Milk)120.0 calCAN$ 4.09
Americano3.0 calCAN$ 2.89
Peppermint Mocha (2% Milk)260.0 calCAN$ 4.09
Mocha (2% Milk)240.0 calCAN$ 3.95
Espresso3.0 calCAN$ 2.29
Double Espresso5.0 calCAN$ 2.99
Long Espresso1.0 calCAN$ 2.99
Peppermint Hot Chocolate (2% Milk)260.0 calCAN$ 3.59
Hot Drinks McDonald’s menu Victoria

Cold Drinks

Mango Pineapple Real Fruit Smoothie200.0 calCAN$ 3.89
Chocolate Triple Thick Milkshake560.0 calCAN$ 5.19
Coke Zero1.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Orange Juice110.0 calCAN$ 2.79
Coffee Frappé410.0 calCAN$ 3.89
Sprite100.0 calCAN$ 1.59
NESTEA Iced Tea80.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Fruitopia Strawberry90.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Strawberry Banana Smoothie200.0 calCAN$ 3.89
Coca-Cola100.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Diet Coke1.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Vanilla Triple Thick Milkshake540.0 calCAN$ 5.19
Peach Mango Fruit Splash110.0 calCAN$ 2.89
Barq’s Root Beer110.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Iced Coffee120.0 calCAN$ 3.09
Strawberry Triple Thick Milkshake550.0 calCAN$ 5.19
Fruitopia Orange90.0 calCAN$ 1.59
Lemon Fruit Splash70.0 calCAN$ 2.89
Strawberry Passionfruit Fruit Splash110.0 calCAN$ 2.89
Vanilla Chai Frappé460.0 calCAN$ 3.89
Blueberry Pomegranate Real Fruit Smoothie260.0 calCAN$ 3.89
Vanilla Iced Coffee100.0 calCAN$ 3.39
Caramel Iced Coffee100.0 calCAN$ 3.39
Apple Juice110.0 calCAN$ 2.79
1% Milk Bottle110.0 calCAN$ 2.09
Chocolate Milk Bottle170.0 calCAN$ 2.09
Iced Coffee with sugar-free syrup60.0 calCAN$ 3.39
Apple Juice Pack90.0 calCAN$ 1.89
Dasani Water0.0 calCAN$ 3.39
Cold Drinks


Pick Your Own 2 Li’l Donuts260-400 calCAN$ 2.49
Baked Apple Pie270.0 calCAN$ 1.99
2 RMHC Cookies300-320 calCAN$ 1.89
2 Baked Apple Pies540.0 calCAN$ 2.49
Cookies & Cream Donut120.0 calCAN$ 1.49
Brownie Cookie140.0 calCAN$ 1.49
Chocolate Chunk Cookie160.0 calCAN$ 1.49
6 Li’l Donuts Assorted1030.0 calCAN$ 7.21
Pick Your Own 6 Li’l Donuts780-1200 calCAN$ 7.39
Double Glazed Donut130.0 calCAN$ 1.49
Boston Cream Donut190.0 calCAN$ 1.49
Maple Iced and Caramel Filled Donut200.0 calCAN$ 1.49
Sprinkle Donut190.0 calCAN$ 1.49
6 RMHC Cookies900-960 calCAN$ 4.99
6 Li’l Donuts Assorted1160.0 calCAN$ 12.09
12 RMHC Cookies1800-1920 calCAN$ 9.19
Bakery items on McDonald’s menu Victoria

Sweets & Treats

Oreo McFlurry330.0 calCAN$ 5.19
Skor McFlurry370.0 calCAN$ 5.19
Fudge Sundae340.0 calCAN$ 3.99
Smarties McFlurry390.0 calCAN$ 5.19
2 Baked Apple Pies540.0 calCAN$ 2.49
Caramel Sundae340.0 calCAN$ 3.99
6 RMHC Cookies900-960 calCAN$ 4.99
2 RMHC Cookies300-320 calCAN$ 1.89
Brownie Cookie140.0 calCAN$ 1.49
Baked Apple Pie270.0 calCAN$ 1.99
Chocolate Chunk Cookie160.0 calCAN$ 1.49
12 RMHC Cookies1800-1920 calCAN$ 9.19
Siakam Swirl McFlurry500.0 calCAN$ 5.15

Snacks & Sides

World Famous Fries240.0 calCAN$ 3.09
Poutine870.0 calCAN$ 6.19
Herb & Garlic Seasoned Fries360.0 calCAN$ 5.39
Cantaloupe Chunks45.0 calCAN$ 1.67


Nugget Sauce40.0 calCAN$ 0.39
Gravy300.0 calCAN$ 1.00
Spicy Habanero Sauce110.0 calCAN$ 0.50
Vinegar Packet2.0 cal
Ketchup Packet (Limit of 5)10.0 cal
Salt (Limit of 3)0.0 cal
Pepper Packet (Limit of 3)0.0 cal
Peanut Butter (Limit of 2)110.0 cal
Cream Packet (Limit of 3)15.0 cal
Milk Packet (Limit of 3)5.0 cal
Stir Stick (Limit of 5)
Spoon (Limit of 5)
Fork (Limit of 5)
Knife (Limit of 5)
Straw (Limit of 5)
Napkin (Limit of 5)
No Cold Lid
No Accessories

Individual Items 

10 Chicken McNuggets490-630 calCAN$ 11.49
McChicken480.0 calCAN$ 7.99
20 Chicken McNuggets (Serves 2)950-1160 calCAN$ 18.39
6 Chicken McNuggets290-360 calCAN$ 7.99
McDouble380.0 calCAN$ 4.07
Junior Chicken380.0 calCAN$ 3.95
Double Cheeseburger420.0 calCAN$ 5.19
Big Mac560.0 calCAN$ 8.29
Cheeseburger290.0 calCAN$ 3.59
Quarter Pounder With Cheese530.0 calCAN$ 9.39
Spicy McCrispy510.0 calCAN$ 8.89
Hot Honey McCrispy560.0 calCAN$ 9.11
Spicy Bacon Deluxe McCrispy580.0 calCAN$ 10.39
Filet-O-Fish400.0 calCAN$ 7.99
Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese750.0 calCAN$ 11.69
Spicy Habanero McChicken470.0 calCAN$ 8.39
McCrispy520.0 calCAN$ 8.29
Big Mac, No Meat400.0 calCAN$ 6.19
Hamburger240.0 calCAN$ 3.23
Double Big Mac730.0 calCAN$ 9.89
Quarter Pounder BLT610.0 calCAN$ 10.09
Quarter Pounder without Cheese430.0 calCAN$ 8.99
Double Quarter Pounder BLT830.0 calCAN$ 12.19
Double Quarter Pounder without Cheese650.0 calCAN$ 10.99
Double Hamburger320.0 calCAN$ 3.99
Bacon Deluxe McCrispy590.0 calCAN$ 10.39
Double Filet-O-Fish570.0 calCAN$ 9.89
Bacon Hot Honey McCrispy620.0 calCAN$ 10.55

Find the McDonald’s Near me in Victoria Canada

There are approximately 65 branches of the McDonald’s restaurant in Victoria. The McDonald’s menu Victoria, prices and working hours may vary with different branch locations in Victoria Canada. Some of the top McDonald’s branches’ names, addresses, and statuses are given in the following. You people can easily find the nearby McDonald’s location from given following tables.

Branch NameAddressDistance
Douglas StreetVictoria, V8W 2E50.32 km
PandoraVictoria, V8V 3P30.66 km
Victoria-HillsideVictoria, V8T 2C12.78 km
SaanichVictoria, V8X 1W82.86 km
Town & Country WM ReloVictoria, V8Z 0B93.01 km
EsquimaltEsquimalt, V9A 3N63.23 km
ShelbourneVictoria, V8P 2P34.34 km
Find the McDonald’s Near me in Victoria Canada

McDonald’s Menu Victoria Canada Timing Schedule

This work schedule is designed for Victoria City in  British Columbia. Please note that it could differ in various cities throughout British Columbia, Canada. Additionally, there might be variations in the schedule among different branches within the same city, such as Victoria.

DayOperating Hours
MondayAll day
TuesdayAll day
WednesdayAll day
ThursdayAll day
FridayAll day
SaturdayAll day
SundayAll day
Mcdonald Menu Victoria Canada Timing Schedule

So, that is the latetst McDonald’s menu Victoria and in case you have any confusion, do let us know in the comment section below.

Alternatives of the McDonald’s in Victoria, Canada

Frequently asked questions: 

Approximately 65 branches of McDonald present in Victoria and provide quality of food items. 

You can find familiar items like the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder at McDonald’s menu Victoria in Canada and the United States. However, each country has its special menu items that you won’t find in the other. Some items you might have thought were available everywhere are exclusive to either Canada or the United States.

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