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Country Style Coffee is a Canadian coffee shop that serves brewed coffee, baked food items, and breakfast. We will discuss Country Style menu prices Canada in this blog. This brand offers a variety of coffee options which include espresso-based drinks,  traditional brewed coffee, and specialty beverages.

Country Style Menu with Prices in Canada

Country Style Popular Items

Food items Prices 
Strawberry BananaCA$ 3.89
BLT BagelCA$ 5.99
Western BagelCA$ 5.99
Mocha Iced CappuccinoCA$ 3.49
Ham, Egg & SwissCA$ 5.99
SunriserCA$ 5.99
BLTCA$ 5.29
Sausage, Egg & CheddarCA$ 5.99
Sausage, Egg & CheddarCA$ 5.29
Country Style Popular Items

Country Style Breakfast Sandwiches on an English Muffin

Food items Prices 
Sausage, Egg & CheddarCA$ 5.29
BLTCA$ 5.29
WesternCA$ 5.29
Ham, Egg & SwissCA$ 5.29
Bacon, Egg & CheddarCA$ 5.29
Peameal Bacon & EggCA$ 5.29
Country Style Breakfast Sandwiches on an English Muffin

Country Style Breakfast Sandwiches on a Bagel

Food items Prices 
SunriserCA$ 5.99
Western BagelCA$ 5.99
BLT BagelCA$ 5.99
Bacon, Egg & CheddarCA$ 5.99
Sausage, Egg & CheddarCA$ 5.99
Bagel with plain cream cheeseCA$ 3.39
Ham, Egg & SwissCA$ 5.99
Peameal Bacon & EggCA$ 5.99
Bagel with butterCA$ 2.19
Bagel with herber garlic cream cheeseCA$ 3.39
Great Canadian BLTCA$ 6.99
Country Style Breakfast Sandwiches on a Bagel

Country Style Wraps & Spicy Chicken

The pricing details of items in the Warps & Spicy Chicken menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
Loaded Breakfast WrapCA$ 6.99
Spicy Chicken CroissantCA$ 6.99
Country Style Wraps & Spicy Chicken

Country Style Donuts

The pricing details of items in the Donuts menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
Cherry CrullerCA$ 1.79
Raised ChocolateCA$ 1.79
Boston CreamCA$ 1.79
Strawberry filled CA$ 1.79
DutchiesCA$ 1.99
Country Style Donuts

Country Style Featured Items

The pricing details of items in the Featured Items menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
Assorted Country Bits -12 BITSCA$ 5.99
Assorted Half Dozen DoughnutsCA$ 9.19
Apple FritterCA$ 1.99
Chocolate CookiesCA$ 1.39
Cinnamon TwistCA$ 1.99
Oatmeal CookiesCA$ 1.39
Assorted Cinnamon BitesCA$ 5.99
Assorted a dozen DoughnutsCA$ 17.99
Pecan TartsCA$ 2.29
Coffee grind (369g)CA$ 13.79
Country Style Featured Items

Country Style Muffin

The pricing details of items in the Muffin menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
BananaCA$ 2.29
Chocolate ChipCA$ 2.29
Blueberry MuffinCA$ 2.29
Country Style Muffin

Country Style Cold Beverages

The pricing details of items in the Cold Beverages menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
Mocha Iced CappuccinoCA$ 3.49
Iced CappuccinoCA$ 3.19
PepsiCA$ 2.29
Iced CoffeeCA$ 1.99
5 Bottle of popsCA$ 9.99
Can of PopCA$ 1.99
Country Style Cold Beverages

Country Style Smoothies

The pricing details of items in the Smoothies menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
Strawberry BananaCA$ 3.89
MangoCA$ 3.89
Piña ColadaCA$ 3.89
StrawberryCA$ 3.89
Country Style Smoothies

Country Style Hot Beverage

The pricing details of items in the Hot Beverages menu are available at Country Style  Menu Prices Canada.

Food items Prices 
CoffeeCA$ 1.99
TeaCA$ 1.99
French VanillaCA$ 2.69
Hot ChocolateCA$ 2.39
Country Style Hot Beverage

Disclaimer: All the prices discussed in this Country Style Menu prices Canada blog are taken from Doordash platform, which is a delivery partner of this restaurant. These prices may vary from location to location.

Country Style Coffee History in Canada

Country Style started its business in 1963 by opening its first location in Tronto. Donut stores produced 17% of donut sales in Canada at that time which shows there was a great room for growth. At the start, Country Style showed great growth in their business and opened 100 stores even in 15-20 years of experience. 

It had 50 outlets in 1974 when it was the leading coffee and donut establishment in Canada above Tim Hortons (which passed it two years later). It began to expand into Western Canada in the 1970s (including the East in the early 1980s. 

Poor results caused the franchise to withdraw from these regions: locations in Alberta were the only ones to survive into the 1990s, while in the East, it was ones in Nova Scotia and PEI. By 2001, Country Style had been forced to close a quarter of its stores due to decreasing market share in an increasingly competitive Canadian market.

In 1974 it was a leading brand of coffee and donuts products with 50 outlets in canada above Tim Hortons. In the 1970s they expanded their business in western canada including Vancouver and Calgary and the east region in the early 1980s. Later this organization started to withdraw its franchises due to the decreasing market share. 

In the 1990s Alberta’s location survived in the market since then the brand opened a score of new stores and ranked third behind Tim Horton and Starbucks in the coffee market of Canada.

In the mid-1990s County Style changed its logo from handwriting style to Platino and later in 2006 it changed into an upscale style “Country Style Bistro Deli”. In 2009 MTY Food Group bought the rights to 488 locations of country style for $14.6 million in cash and debt.

Charity work by Country Style Restuarant in Canada:

As its corporate charity of choice, Country Style partnered with the Make-a-Wish Foundation in April 2003. More than a quarter of a million dollars have been raised for the foundation by Country Style and its franchisees since then.

Country Style Menu Prices Canada favorite coffee

Country Style Branches in Canada:

This fast-food chain has more than 420 branches located in different parts of Canada. This coffee shop serves its signature coffees and espressos majorly in provinces like Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Western Canada.

How to online order Food From Country Style in Canada?

If you want to make an online order from Country Style outlets you can receive your order via the following delivery services. 

Official Website:

You can use the official website of Country Style and place your order by entering your address. By visiting this website you will have options such as Menu, Promotions, and Order Online. By clicking Order Online you can place your order, track it, and deliver it to your doorstep.

Uber Eats: 

Country Style Coffee has teamed up with the famous food delivery platform Uber Eats to offer delivery at the desired location. You can browse the Country Style menu, place orders for your desired items, and deliver them to your residence.


There is another food ordering and delivering platform named SkipTheDishes that has its affiliation with Country Style Coffee brands. You can order through this platform, track your order, and deliver to your desired location.


DoorDash is another famous and widely used food-delivering platform that has its partnership with the Country Style. You can visit the website or app of DoorDash to deliver your food to your doorstep.

Before making your order from the abovementioned platform make sure which platform has a delivery contract with country-style outlets in your area. Furthermore, the availability can change depending on the location so it’s a good idea to explore the active platform in your area.

How to locate Country Style Near Me in Canada?

Currently, more than 420 Country Style branches are operating in Canada. So to locate any particular branch near your residence is not a big deal.

  • There are plenty of online platforms that can help you locate Country Style branches. But if you visit the official website of the brand you can get the precise location and address.
  • As we have discussed above the food ordering platforms including UberEats, and DoorDash can help you to get the desired result.
  • You can also search your nearby location from Google Maps by enabling your current location.
  • Furthermore, you can browse the location through Google Maps by searching Country Style Near Me.
  • In addition, if you want to check the working hours and ratings of a particular branch these tools and sites will help you accordingly.

Working Hours of Country Style in Canada

These are the operational hours of this popular coffee chain in Canada especially branches in Toronto. However, these hours can differ due to changes in location.

WeekdayWorking Hours
Sunday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Monday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Tuesday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Wednesday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Thursday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Friday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Saturday 8:45 am – 9:10 pm 
Working Hours of Country Style in Canada

Alternatives of Country-Style Coffee

If you are looking for alternatives to Country Style Coffee in Canada, here are a few popular coffee shop chains and independent cafes that you might consider. Here are some alternative Country Style coffee shops in canada that are equally famous in canada.

FAQs About Country Style Menu Prices Canada

Is country-style Canadian?

Country Style Coffee is a Canadian coffee chain that primarily established its first branch in Ontario Canada. It serves quality coffee, breakfast items oatmeal, sandwiches, soup, and salads to the consumers. The chain is based in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

What kind of coffee does country style use?

Country style sourced the coffee beans from the foreign lands named as  Arabica coffee beans. The organization selected the coffee beans carefully and harvested them from the coffee-growing mountain slopes in the world.

Who owns Country Style Foods?

The Wood family runs the Country Style food chain which is a modern craft bakery company. This company is working with the best food retailers and food service operators.

Which country coffee is best? 

Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of the coffee. It is especially known for the high-quality Arabica beans cultivated in the best-growing mountains. These beans offer a variety of flavors and are rich in nutrition. Here are a few more countries that cultivate flavored coffee beans.
Costa Rica.

What is the most expensive coffee in the world?

The most expensive and most exclusive coffee in the world is called Kopi Luwak. Its unique production process is the primary cause of its high cost. It is made from coffee beans that the Indonesian palm civet has partially digested and then expelled.

What is the top 10 coffee brand in the world? 

Costa Coffee. 
Gloria Jean’s Coffees.
Peet’s Coffee.
Bru Coffee.
Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

What is modern country style? 

Get the Look: Home Accents While modern country style and shabby chic style are not the same, they share certain similarities. This design aims to make your furniture appear well-worn rather than purposefully made to look that way. For the interior design of a country-style home, a farmhouse kitchen table is also essential.

What do country-style foods make?

Country Style Foods also has specialties of making breakfast and bakery items part-baked breads, muffins, and rolls. It also makes baguettes for in-store bakeries for baking at home.

What are the elements of country style? 

Tarkett Bright white, delicate shades of cream, soft blue, and yellow, or warm, earthy tones of red, yellow, or gold are characteristics of this design style. Natural elements like stone, brick, worn-out and ornate wooden furniture, and rustic hardwood floors are mixed with this.

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