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Five Guys is one of the most famous Burger chains in the whole world. This is a US-based Burger chain. It has set up more than 1,700 locations all over the Globe and around 68 branches in all of Canada. The reason for its success is its unique style of cooking. Their patties are hand-made and their buns are grilled. Undoubtedly, it can be enumerated among the top-notch restaurants that are busy running their business in Canada.

Five Guys brings a variety of Fast food with Drinks and Shakes in Reasonable price range is Canada. Five Guys menu prices Canada are listed in detail lets check it.

Five Guys Menu with Prices in Canada

Canada is a spacious country with different landscapes and seasons. Due to this reason, you might notice slight changes in the prices depending on the location and the time of the year. The prices that are discussed below are purely taken from the DoorDash platform which is the delivery partner of Five Guys. Furthermore, the prices are according to the Five Guys Toronto Menu of branches located there.

Five Guys menu prices canada

You can see their official websites for their offerings but for the prices of this menu, you will have to go through this blog so that you can know the latest menu of this food chain all over the country.

Five Guys Burgers:

Firstly, finding out the prices of the world-famous burgers of Five Guys is to be taken into account. It serves a bunch of different burgers. They come in a range of prices. They also serve Little Burgers. They can also be customized with your favorite toppings on top of them. 

five guys Burgers

The burgers are the most-selling product of the fast-food chain. So, the following table shows the prices of different burgers available at Five Guys.

Menu ItemPrice
HamburgerCAN$  11.03
CheeseburgerCAN$ 12.23
Bacon BurgerCAN$ 12.23
Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 13.31
Little HamburgerCAN$ 8.87
Little CheeseburgerCAN$ 10.07
Little Bacon BurgerCAN$ 10.89
Little Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 10.91
Five Guys Burgers

Five Guys menu Hot Dogs:

Now, the Prices of the Top Notch Hotdogs are considered. All of them are All-Beef hot dogs split and grilled lengthwise for a caramelized exterior. 

Five guys Hot Dogs
Menu ItemPrice
KOSHER Style Hot DogCAN$ 7.31
Cheese DogCAN$ 8.39
Bacon DogCAN$ 8.51
Bacon Cheese DogCAN$ 9.59
Five guys Hot Dogs

Five Guys menu Sandwiches

Now, the menu prices of the Five Guys Sandwiches are considered. They come in a range of prices and types. Below are the prices of Five Guys Sandwiches.

five guys Sandwiches
Menu ItemPrice
Grilled CheeseCAN$ 6.95
Grilled Cheese with Bacon SandwichCAN$ 8.27
BLTCAN$ 6.71
BLT with CheeseCAN$ 7.46
five guys Sandwiches

Five Guys menu Fries

At this point, the menu prices of Five Guys fries need to be considered. These fries are renowned for their being cooked in 100% cholesterol-free oil. Cooked in pure, cholesterol-free, cut fresh, and cooked twice before getting served to the customers. The price range of Five Guys menu fries is listed as follows.

Five Guys menu Fries
Menu ItemPrice
Five Guys Style Fries (Large)CAN$ 8.15
Five Guys Style Fries (Regular)CAN$ 6.95
Five Guys Style Fries (Small)CAN$ 5.75
CAJUN Style Fries (Large)CAN$ 8.15
CAJUN Style Fries (Regular)CAN$ 6.95
CAJUN Style Fries (Small)CAN$ 5.75
Five Guys PoutineCAN$ 9.99
Five Guys menu Fries

Five Guys menu Milkshakes

The menu prices of the milkshakes are to be analyzed at this particular stage. One can add as many complimentary mix-ins as one would like. These are hand-made milkshakes,  available in different flavors. Here is a brief insight into the prices of these milkshakes.

Five Guys menu Milkshakes
Menu IPrice
BaconCAN$  8.51
BananasCAN$ 8.51
REESE’S CupsCAN$ 8.51
StrawberriesCAN$ 8.51
ChocolateCAN$ 8.51
Oreo CookiesCAN$ 8.51
Peanut ButterCAN$ 8.51
Salted CaramelCAN$ 8.51
Lotus BiscoffCAN$ 8.51
Five Guys menu Milkshakes

Five Guys menu Drinks:

Here is the drinks menu pricing of Five Guys Restaurants in Canada. 

Five Guys menu drinks
Menu ItemPrice
Coca-Cola  500ml BottleCAN$ 3.59
Root Beer  500ml BottleCAN$ 3.59
Sprite  500mL BottleCAN$ 3.59
NESTEA  Lemon 500ml BottleCAN$ 3.59
Vitamin Glaceau waterCAN$ 3.59
DASANI  WaterCAN$ 3.32
Diet Coke  500ml BottleCAN$ 3.59
Canada Dry  Ginger Ale 500ml BottleCAN$ 3.59
Five Guys menu drinks

Five Guys menu Toppings

Surprisingly, one can add as many toppings as one wants completely free of cost at Five Guys in Canada. a versatile range of toppings awaits to enhance the flavours of the food being served to the customers. 

Five Guys menu Toppings
Fresh OnionsFree
Jalapeño PeppersFree
Green PeppersFree
Grilled MushroomsFree
Grilled OnionsFree
HP SauceFree
BBQ SauceFree
Hot SauceFree
Five Guys menu Toppings

Brief History of Five Guys Restaurant in Canada

Jerry Murrell was an American Citizen and the world knows him as the founder of Five Guys fast food restaurant. According to Jerry, his mother would say to him, “If you can give a good haircut or if you can serve a good drink at a bar or if you can serve a good hamburger, you can always make money in America.” 

It all started in 1986 when Janie and  Jerry Murrell told their children (four of them) to either do any kind of business or they had to attend the study in College.

The Murrell brothers chose the business route and opened a Burger joint in Arlington Virginia. Moreover,  Jerry and Janie Murrell also recommended their boys serve only hand-made burgers grilled to perfection along with freshly cut- fries fried in pure peanut oil. They opened their first branch in Canada in 2010 in Alberta.

Five Guys Locations and Branches in Canada:

There are almost 68 branches of the Five Guys fast food chain across Canada. These branches are spread over 10 provinces and 47 different cities. Here is a detailed overview of the number of branches in various states.

State or ProvinceNumber of branchesCity NameNumber of branches
British Columbia7Toronto4
Nova Scotia2Halifax2
Newfoundland and Labrador1Surrey2
Five Guys Locations and Branches in Canada

Does Five Guys offer a Breakfast Menu?

No, Five Guys restaurants in Canada do not offer any breakfast menu in any of their branches. The fast food chain deals only in Lunch and Dinner menus. The restaurant’s working hours are from 11 AM in the morning and by this time breakfast is served in other fast food chains.

Revenue & Achievements Of Five Guys Restaurant:

From a Revenue and Monetary point of view, this Five Guys is one of the highest-earning restaurant chains that is based in Canada. In 2018 their system-wide turnover was over $2 Billion. In the same year, they won the UK’s most famous food chain(Market force) award. It is also certified as a Great place to work. In March 2017 and 2018, they won the Burger Restaurant of the Year award.

What makes Five Guys Menu Canada special?

Beef and Bacon Hot Dogs also adorn their menu in addition to their ever-so-famous burgers and fries.  These are grilled lengthwise in order to give them a caramelized exterior. in addition to this, their top-notch Five Guys menu prices Canada fries,broad-walk-style fries prepared in pure coconut oil, which are sold like hotcakes throughout the entire country Freshly made broad-walk-style fries,  served with Canada’s conventional Five Guys Poutine. 

Besides their world-famous burgers and five guys menu prices Canada fries, one can also try their scrumptious veggie Sandwiches. A wide variety of milkshake mix-ins are also served. Earlier this year, this burger chain took a step towards progress and opened a Franchise in South Korea. Now they have a total of two of them in South Korea.

How to Locate Five Guys Near Me?

One can effortlessly find the location and certain other details of the nearest possible franchise of Five Guys. There are about 68 located in different areas,  franchises of Five Guys spread all across Canada. They have various branches in metropolitan cities and shopping malls. Moreover, One can also use their official websites or mobile applications to locate the nearest possible branch.

  • Furthermore, you can take help from Google Maps and enable your current location. 
  • Upon entering   Five Guys Near Me in the search bar. 
  • Google Maps will provide all the necessary information about the nearby Five Guys branches like their Locations, timings, and Ratings. 
  • In addition, you can check the working hours and ratings of that branch.

How Can You Five Guys Order Online Canada?

One can order food items from Five Guys restaurants in Canada through the official app or website of this fast food chain. Here is how you can place your order through the mobile and website of Five Guys.

  • After opening the website or mobile app, click on the “Locations” option.
  • Next, enter your city or address, the website will show you the number of locations of this restaurant in that location.
  • You can select the restaurant that is near to your location.
  • After that, you can see the “Order Now” option on your screen. 
  • After clicking on it, you can choose the food items and add them to the cart.
  • Finally, select your payment method and place the order.

Make sure when you order, that the restaurant is open and working. Furthermore, the delivery service from the restaurant becomes operational after half an hour of opening time and this service is closed half an hour before the closing time, i.e. 11:30 AM to 10:30 PM.

Besides, these various food delivery services also provide the option to order from them. These services have partnered with Five Guys restaurants to deliver its food. The major delivery services are DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, and SkipThe Dishes.

Exciting Offers and Deals at Five Guys:

Five Guys, like every other fast-food restaurant, customarily offers exciting deals and Loyalty programs from time to time. In order to remain cognizant of the ongoing offers and loyalty programs, their official website and social media apps must be visited frequently.

These offers and deals are actually for the purpose of attracting customers to the restaurant. Different coupon codes are available on third-party websites and business partners of Five Guys that can be used to avail discounts and offers from the Five Guys restaurants. However, for the latest deals and offers you may visit the Five Guys official website.

Five Guys Menu Canda Varieties:

In addition to Burgers and Fries, Five Guys also offers Sandwiches, Hotdogs,  sodas, and drinks to accompany your meal. Every fast-food-based business is started after having taken into consideration its strengths and weaknesses; with a specialty that may make the restaurant the talk of the town.

the famous items in the case of  Five Guys are, without a shadow of a doubt, its unbeaten fries and Burgers. In particular, a Bacon cheeseburger that is generally CA$13.31 can be regarded among the most liked items.  

Other than this its Cheeseburger can be enumerated among the best-selling items from among the ones available on the menu. The fries offered by the Five Guys are the best-rated all around the entire length of Canada.

Five Guys Restaurants Working Hours in Canada:

Five Guys restaurants are spread across the vast Canadian country and due to different time zones and locations, the working hours of this restaurant may differ. But here is a general schedule of Five Guys restaurant in Toronto, Ontario.

Week DaysWorking Hours
Monday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Five Guys Restaurants Working Hours in Canada

Furthermore, the branches of Five Guys remain operational for a limited time in a day. There are no Five Guys branches that remain operational 24 hours and 7 days a week. Only two working shifts are operational in this restaurant.



Q. How much meat is in a 5 guy burger?

According to chefs, 3.3 ounces of meat is used in the 5 Guys burgers. This meat is prepared y blending with chuck and sirloin.

Q. What does all the way mean at Five Guys?

On the Five Guys menu Canada, while placing an order, you might notice that the “All the Way” deal contains mayo, lettuce, ketchup, tomatoes, grilled onions, pickles, grilled mushrooms, and mustard. The same ingredients are also used in hot dogs. Besides these ingredients, you select cheese or bacon with other toppings.

Q. Is 5 guys healthy?

Usually, Five Guys food items contain high amounts of salt and these rich in sodium items can be problematic for people who have health problems. Therefore, before eating anything from the menu, you should consult the amount of nutrients especially salts to make informed decisions.

Q. Are Five Guys fries healthier than McDonald’s?

The healthy status of restaurants depends on the quality of food. Besides, the ingredients and nutrients also play a part in making a food item healthy or unhealthy. You can find healthy items on both McDonald’s and Five Guys Menus. 

Q. Why are Five Guys portions so big?

The portions of food items are almost of similar sizes as compared to other fast food chains. It is just an illusion that Five Guys’ Portion sizes are big. Even if they are big, the restaurant will be charging higher.

Q. What is Five Guys known for?

Five Guys is known for its palatable toothsome delights and a wide variety of customizable burgers and fries. They offer a great deal of diversity in toppings and an easy-to-read menu, with a prime focus on quality ingredients and ready-to-serve meals.

Q. Where can I find Five Guys locations in Canada?

One can find Five Guys locations all across Canada. They have various branches in metropolitan cities and shopping malls. Moreover, One can also use their official websites or mobile applications to locate the nearest possible branch. 

Q. Are the ingredients at Five Guys fresh?

They sure are as Five Guys has always dedicated a considerable emphasis on the use of fresh ingredients. They generally abhor the use of freezers in their restaurants and the beef used in their burgers is 100% freshly ground. 

Q. Can I customize my order at Five Guys?

Absolutely, the facility of getting your food customized is the lion’s share of the Five Guys experience. One can choose from a versatile range of toppings for one’s hotdogs and burgers. Moreover, one can get one’s milkshakes and fries customized by adding variegated seasonings.

Q. Do they offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, Five Guys offers a vegetarian sandwich which can, more like the rest of the menu, be customized with different toppings. Although vegan options are limited as compared to the wide variety offered in meat-based products, the taste and quality are by no means compromised at any instant. 

Q. What are the typical wait times at Five Guys?

Providing a relatively fast service is the aim of almost all of the fast food chains spread all around the globe. Five Guys’ reputation precedes its name when it comes to providing fast service, with the wait times varying depending on the particular location and specific time of the day. During peak hours, the customers may have to bear with this inconvenience a bit more than usual.

Q. Are the portions at Five Guys large?

The portions at Five Guys can generally be considered generous. Five Guys by default offer a double-patty burger and a substantial portion of fries to its esteemed customers. 

Q. Can I order online for delivery or pickup?

Five Guys, like other famous food chains,  often partners with food delivery platforms like DoorDash, SkipTheDishes, and Uber Eats, facilitating the customers whilst ordering for delivery or pickup through the respective food delivery apps.

Q. Do they have any special deals or loyalty programs?

Five Guys offers, from time to time, special offers for promotion purposes. It’s always recommended to keep visiting their official website or mobile apps for special deals being offered. They also entertain their frequent customers with a reward through the loyalty program.

Q. What makes Five Guys different from other burger chains?

Five Guys can be regarded as among the most committed food chains to quality, quantity, and excellent service. They contribute a great deal to choosing high-quality ingredients, making sure that the food is freshly prepared, and providing the customers with the facility of getting their food customized. They have a limited menu and their prime goal is to be the best within these domains.

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